Do Animals Have Souls?

Do Animals Have An Afterlife?  Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

All animals have spirits similar to human souls that grant them an afterlife. In addition, any animal that is directly beloved by a human receives a sub-soul of sorts by proxy through the subconscious power of your human soul. When they die they will end up at your side in the higher dimensional Heavenly realms. As Heaven is outside of our spacetime it will seem as if everyone died all at once from your afterlife viewpoint. As an ascended Angelic entity, and later a higher dimensional God, you can create any environment of paradise for your pet to play in when you’re attending to important Afterlife business. Usually, a simulated garden for them to explore along with some other animals to play with. The type of pet you have makes no difference according to various top-flight mediums, psychics, seers, and mystics who have peered into the Afterlife. Even a goldfish can make the Heavenly grade. Perhaps it would swim in an imaginary water bubble beside you or you could give it an entire sea of serenity. 🙂

All Animals Live In Eternal Paradise Forever!

The spirits of other animals end up in Mother Earth Goddess Gaia’s Paradise Plane when they die. It’s the Earthly paradise Afterlife slightly out of phase with our reality. It’s for Nature Deities, some supernatural beings, animals, plants, and everything else with a life force grounded to this planet. Even animals from Heaven are welcome to visit here. Once Earth’s complex biosphere spontaneously generated a soul Goddess Gaia was born. Her first supernatural act was to grant an eternal spirit to all life on Earth. As a higher dimensional being this included all life in the past retroactively before her immaculate conception. Even carnivorous dinosaurs reside peacefully in the Paradise Plane since they no longer require food to survive. Some animals reach out to humans in tune with nature. The wildlife soul mingled with the humans to give it a brief intelligence. These animal spirits acted as nature guides for various indigenous people such as Native Americans.

Can Animal Ghosts Haunt Us?

Whether they be the Heavenly souls of pets or the spirits of Earthly animals, both can
produce ghosts on occasion. Animal hauntings are rare but do occur most prominently in human-owned animals who either suffered at the hands of a human or don’t want to leave their beloved master. A traumatic situation such as witnessing their human owners death could form a ghost as well. It’s said that zoos, farms, and animal slaughter facilities are the most haunted by Fauna Spirits. These various corporate entities keep the use of animal spirit exorcisms a secret. Earthly animal spirits from the Paradise Plane usually only cause issues when practitioners of magic call upon them for the wrong reasons. Odd as it may seem it’s possible for a person to be possessed by an animal spirit somewhat in the same way a ghost, or demon can possess a human.  As an example, a person seemingly going crazy could in fact have been cursed to have an animal spirit forced within them. Possession of other animals is far more common and explains various erratic behaviors in animals at times.

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6 thoughts on “Do Animals Have Souls?

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  2. That is really interesting. I’ve recently lost a female German shepherd. I’ve seen her many times in my dreams. She was in bad places. I had to get her out of there. Finally I took her to the red woods. She loved it.. She always loved to run in the woods. I was hoping she could be reborn as a wolf. I have not seen her since. 4 months ago was the last dream. I also have seen a barn full of all the pets I’ve ever owned. Horses, cats, dogs. even my cocketiels. I was crying. They were all there and happy. I only was there once. I wonder if they will be there when I ever cross over? I’m not afraid of death. More afraid of the ones I love dieing. I know what’s on the other side. It’s not so bad in the right places.

  3. It’s a good feeling to know I will see them again! I’m just not ready to go yet! 🙂 Although I’ll probably be with James Dean once I do cross over. He’s amazing! It is true! Jimmy is the best friend you never had. I have never met a man so devoted and sweet! I only wish I could pull him here and keep him all to myself! 🙂 It’s against the rules. He’d probably be upset if I never cross over. Since we planned on spending some time together in the afterlife. It is a very long story how I met him. I promised I would not say. So I won’t. 🙂 Just know he’s the best! He loves frogs too. 🙂 He likes to drive an old truck in the after life as well. k I better not say anymore! lol Thank you for your kind words Drake and all who have replied to my posts. I do appreciate it.

    • Not unless someone temporarily magically imbued it within them or did some nutty genetic experiment. Animals are generally not intelligent enough to even know what to do with such powers. The only instances I know of are some vampire animals having the power of hypnosis which only works on others of their kind. One such case was a vampire dog compelling regular dogs to join him in a rampaging pack out for blood.

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