King Of Gods Zeus Saves A Woman By Nearly Striking Her With Lightning

Zeus in’t only the King Of The Greek Gods holding his higher dimensional throne in Mount Olympus. He also holds the title of Emperor Of Gods as he has dominion over the largest faction of Nature Deities. Although there are plenty of Gods and Goddesses who don’t accept that title. Despite that he is the most powerful of Earthly Gods even without widespread human worship that shares the metaphysical energy of souls with deities. His sheer charisma and negotiations kills garnered him a share of every deities power who falls under his righteous banner. A mission to rule over Earth as a benevolent God of a grand Utopia. Zeus answers to no other God except the wrath of his often scorned wife Hera, the Empress and Queen Of Goddesses! Unfortunately, Zeus has a nasty habit of having affairs with Goddesses, Demi-Goddesses and humans! Even more so in recent years after he lost in a fight against the Devil himself!

The Real Story Behind The Woman Nearly Struck By Lightning

In the video above we see a woman who came very close to a lightning strike. One so powerful that it explosively blasted wood from a nearby tree right at her! Little did she know that her life was saved that day by this awesome show of nature deity force. It seems this human had an affair with Zeus. However, there’s no evidence she knew who it was. It’s even plausible she no longer has any memory of ever having such an affair? All we know is that she was immediately smitten by a handsome muscular man gleaming with charm and an other worldly magnetism. It was the only time in her life she committed to a one night stand. Zeus was going to institute her as one of his mistresses but Hera found out and was ready to smite the woman where she stood!⚡️

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Zeus’s Show Of Faithful Force!

Thankfully, Zeus was aware of what his jealous wife was about to do to a woman whose only crime was sleeping with him. He attempted to appease Hera and then made it clear he would teach his mistress a lesson. Indeed Zeus always plays the injured party and swears these women throw themselves at him! He launched an explosive lightning strike at the tree as the woman walked outside of her home as seen in the video above. Zeus pretended he was going to hurt her but he hoped this stunning show of force would be enough. Hera was satisfied at seeing fear in the puny human as her husband appeared to be in vengeful solidarity with her. Of course, he pledged to be faithful in the future…with fingers crossed behind his back! From that point forth Zeus’s one time mistress would be allowed to live out the rest of her natural life. Pray she doesn’t cross Hera again!🌩️

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Lessons Learned

Let this be a lesson to all women and men as well. If anyone seems too amazingly out of your league then odds are good they’re a God, Goddess, or even some manner of demonic entity! Have the will to steer clear and avoid the paranormal pitfalls of such an alarming affair! A simple way to tell if you’re dealing with these higher dimensional entities is with strong Holy Water. Water blessed by a powerful priest or better yet a group of holy men from a major religion that masses of humans believe in. When skin is in direct contact with the holy water sinister steamy vapors will rise from demonic entities to varying degrees. In Nature Deities it will be more subtle and you may have to throw all you got at them! To avoid the aforementioned smiting might we suggest you pretend you spilled your water on them by accident!🧐

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An Alternate Reality Where Zeus And Hera Lost A Great Deal Of Power

Somewhere in an alternate reality Zeus and Hera find themselves reduced to biological form with some power intact. However, the lack of human worshipers really took them down several pegs along with the rest of the nature deities. Now they lead a somewhat mundane life…

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