Milwaukee Manticore On The Loose!

Is The Milwaukee Lion Something Very Supernatural In Nature?

For the past week Milwaukee residents have alarmingly reported a “cat like” creature roaming about their cityscape.  Police, and State Nature Resource agents have attempted to capture this elusive feline without success despite it’s blatant diurnal prancing about the urban streets.  The only captured image is a blurry cell phone video.  Zoological experts have theorized it’s either a young African Lion, or a mature cougar on the prowl. Some witnesses have indicated there was a smaller cat traveling with the larger animal.  So far there are no official reports of any injuries or fatalities by this wild animal.

In reality what we have here is a massive cover-up by the US Paranormal Defense Agency, the top secret supernatural defense arm of the US Department Of Defense.  US PDA agents, commonly known as Men In Black, have been spotted lurking about the Milwaukee area by private paranormal professionals trained to spot these nefarious figures.  Our insider sources in the PDA indicate they took three college students into custody for suspicion of opening a brief porthole to the Underworld, and magically summoning a Manticore.  It’s suspected they are amateur Wizards who perhaps materialized a set of Manticore siblings. One older sibling and baby Manticore.  Manticores are monstrous demonic creatures that appear lion like with dragon wings, and a scorpions tail.  However young ones appear as mere wild cats.  Also unlike fully mature Manticores who can only surface during a New Moon, a younger one can roam about in full Moonlight, and Sunlight.   They are also much more docile, and will not rabidly slaughter anything that moves.  Unfortunately they have a thirst for live meat which they heartily devour whole including the bones.  This makes it hard to know what animal or human prey they may have claimed for themselves! It’s entirely possible that recently missing people in the Milwaukee area could have been eaten alive by the larger Manticore.  The larger beast would naturally feed the baby Manticore.
The supernatural community has no faith in the Paranormal Defense Agency, and their blasphemous bureaucracy.  In light of that several paranormal investigators, and supernatural warriors from around the country have converged on Milwaukee to capture, and/or kill the Manticore(s) themselves.  Although the hope is to capture them alive for Cryptozoological research.  Mystic Investigations has sent our very own Executive Vice-President Drake Alexander to Milwaukee since his personal skill set is perfect for hunting down these dangerous supernatural creature. In addition he is being accompanied by our Crytozoologist Dr. Ashley Abercrombie who is an expert in Manticores, and all supernatural species.  In the coming days as we approach the Full Blue Moon it’s quite possible that Werewolves will finish the young Manticores off if nobody else does.

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