British Lamb Virus The Result Of Supernatural Sorcery

The Schmallenberg Virus killing cattle on 83 British farms so far has been a mystery.  However, we have uncovered the source as being supernatural in nature.  The virus first emerged last year in Germany, and the Netherlands with moderate symptoms before it mysteriously cleared up.  No livestock were shipped to Britain so this recent more deadly outbreak appears spontaneous in nature.  Still, they have one thing in common.  A diabolical Sorcerer named Dimitri Diablo.

The Sorcerer Diablo is known throughout the paranormal community as one of the chief paragons of pure evil.  He’s so evil in fact that he doesn’t even care about money.  On one occasion he magically burst several millions of dollars into flames when a gang of criminal Warlocks challenged his authority.  His MO is always about inflicting pain, and misery on humans, and animals as well.  He’d like to see nothing better than humanity wiped out along with the entire planet being scorched to ashes so he can re-make it in his own image.  His megalomania, delusions of grandeur, and aspirations to Godhood status are so beyond legendary that he boldly spits in the face of the demonic underworld overlords who ultimately rule over the dark beings of the paranormal planet.  Despite having some things in common with the top .0001% billionaire plutocratic elites who run the human world, and are in league with the demonic, he loathes them as well.

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Dimitri was born in New Spain, aka Mexico, in 1666.  Yes you heard right folks he’s 346 years old.  His immortality is magical based rather than genetic.   His father was a powerful Russian wizard, named Ivan Yefimovich, who was an ancestor of the infamous Rasputin, and his mother a Mayan Witchdoctor, named Ixchel, who secretly continued her traditions amid the rule of Spanish Conquistadors.  Despite Spanish rule over New Spain the Russian Ivan was able to enter the land freely since powerful practitioners of magic could travel anywhere on Earth without having to answer to human governments or warriors.  He had traveled there looking for rare magical herbs for a potion when he came across the beautiful Ixchel.  He eventually married her, and they had little Dimitri who displayed evil characteristics from an early age.  An evil that actually turned out good on some occasions such as when he couldn’t take the bullying of Conquistadors standing it his quest for power.  They say he was instrumental in driving Spain out of what eventually became Mexico.  However this doesn’t make up for his centuries of mystical atrocities throughout the world.  The hellish acts that justify the Diablo surname he gave himself.

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The Schmallenberg Virus is just one small sample of his evil handy works.  Cryptozoologists have studied the virus, and concluded it’s a supernatural bio-warfare experiment.  He’s clearly trying to engineer a paranormal super virus to wipe out what he calls the plague of humankind that infests the planet.  He wants the Earth to be ruled under his magical iron fist with most of the populace being supernatural beings while a small number of humans remain as slaves.  The animal deaths, and deformed births are his first experiments before he upgrades to human trials.  This sinister sorcerer must be stopped at all costs.  This is why there are multiple bounties on his head from various shadow governments, and supernatural organizations from around the world.

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The largest reward for the capture or killing of Dimitri Diablo is offered by one of the most powerful Sorcerers on Earth, Ian McTavish of the world renowned McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences located in the highlands of Scotland.  Ian is an immortal born in 1142, and one of the few good Sorcerers on Earth.  He is offering a bounty on Diablo’s head that is equivalent to 42 million dollars.  It will be paid in the form of gold coins Ian has collected over the centuries.  Ian himself sometimes goes on sabbatical when he gets a lead on Diablo.  Certainly, if one man could take down the quintessence of evil it would be the powerful Ian McTavish.  Thus far nobody has come close to capturing or even finding the elusive Dimitri Diablo.  This is in part due to there being no known photo or even illustration of him.  It would be futile however since he magically changes his appearance all the time.  if you have any leads on this menace to humankind then reply here so the appropriate paranormal powers can be contacted.  We will keep you apprised of any updates on the hunt for Diablo

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