The Devil’s Pentagram Near Tobol Kazakhstan

The video above exposed a diabolical pentagram near Tobol, Kazakhstan which had some odd markers listed in Google Maps which includes Seal Of The Devil 81694 BC, Adam, and Lucifer. Sometime later the annotations were removed as seen in this video: We at Mystic Investigations viewed the unaltered map, and the video creator is telling the truth.  After some research Mystic Investigations discovered mention in an ancient scroll of a covenant being struck the first human royalty, and the Devil himself. Royalty that went on to rule over the first great human civilization of Lemuria which had amazing technology while humanity on the rest of the planet was crawling around in the mud for grubs. The royals pact was to pledge allegiance to Lucifer the Devil, and in turn, destroy humankind on a variety of levels so they would be ripe for the picking when Armageddon came to pass. The Adam annotation that used to be on the map represents humanity in the equation.

The Devil’s Covenant

Seal Of The Devil

This covenant was sealed in blood with the personal presence of Lucifer on the pentagram located at coordinates 52.479827,62.185836 in the year 81694 BC with a group of evil primitive humans. Humans that were to receive mystical aid in retaining power through the generations on the condition that they worship the Devil, and cooperate to the fullest with his demonic minions in the ultimate acquisition of Earth, and humanity in general. This royalty exists today as the Illuminati plutocratic elite of billionaire royalty who rule over the Earth via a shadow government known as the New World Order. It’s interesting that Kazakhstan in general has been building many magnificent cities, and futuristic structures despite not having the budget to do so. Many of these structures aren’t even used.  It’s been suggested that the plutocrats divert their funds there because it will be their global capital someday when their world take over is complete, and out in the open.

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It’s also quite a coincidence that we see this now because of the prophesied conception of the Anti-Christ planned for this Halloween 2013. We didn’t have a location but it seems quite likely this would be the location for the emergence of a biological Devil from Hell as well as the consummation location for the hellspawn himself.  Although with this information leaked plans might change.  We will keep this paranormal pentagram under surveillance with local supernatural agents to see what goes on there.

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