Tabloid Talk Show Host Documents Haunted House

Scared Morton Downey JrWell not really!  The video above is an episode of Tales From The Crypt called Television Terror.  Real life tabloid talk show host  Morton Downey Jr. plays a shock journalist who enters a supposedly haunted house with a camera man to hopefully document some real paranormal activity.  In the end he does with deadly results!  So why hasn’t anyone picked up such metaphysical activity on video in real life?  In same cases strong electromagnetic activity prevents it or people never make it out alive along with their camera mysteriously disappearing!  There’s also higher dimensional enforcement of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact that prevents any real evidence of the supernatural from surfacing to the world.

Entering a non-amusement haunted house might seem like some spooky fun but in can be a deeply dangerous situation that should be left up to professionals who can deal with potential ghosts, poltergeists, and dark spirits.

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