Watch The 2011 Wonder Woman TV Pilot Online

 The above video is the un-aired 2011 television pilot of Wonder Woman that was never picked up by NBC as a series.  This particular take on Wonder Woman, starring Adrianne Palicki, portrays her as the CEO of a huge corporation where the entire world knows she’s Wonder Woman.  Somewhat like Tony Stark revealing his Iron … Read moreWatch The 2011 Wonder Woman TV Pilot Online

A Lawyer Finds Herself In A Surreal Legal Hell

The horror anthology Tales From The Crypt finds an attorney within a surreal situation in the episode Let The Crime Fit The Punishment. An enthusiastic lawyer named Geraldine Ferrett, played by Catherine O’Hara, is brought into a small town court when the license plate “Sue Em” is thought to be illegal. Her argument that the … Read moreA Lawyer Finds Herself In A Surreal Legal Hell

Post Apocalyptic All Female Society

 What happens when a pandemic globally wipes out the entire male populace and prevents any future male births?  Apparently an all-female society somewhat Amish in nature.  The video above is a sci-fi anthology show called The Outer Limits. In their Season 4 Episode 17 “Lithia“, about such a future where women lead a primitive … Read morePost Apocalyptic All Female Society

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