The Haunted Legend Of Aisle 13

It was the Witching Hour of Halloween when a serial killer wielding an extra-large meat cleaver entered a 24-7 department store. The deranged individual then eradicated two 3rd shift employees stocking shelves in Aisle 13! Interestingly enough Aisle 13 was for seasonal items. In this case, it was being stocked with the last of the … Read moreThe Haunted Legend Of Aisle 13

Tabloid Talk Show Host Documents Haunted House

Well not really!  The video above is an episode of Tales From The Crypt called Television Terror.  Real-life tabloid talk show host  Morton Downey Jr. plays a shock journalist who enters a supposedly haunted house. With his trusty cameraman, he hopes to document some real paranormal activity.  In the end, he does with shockingly deadly … Read moreTabloid Talk Show Host Documents Haunted House

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