The Samhain Child

On All Hallows Eve, Halloween Queen Shala chooses one of her adopted children to receive the full metaphysical energy of The Halloween Spirit. In actuality they become apart of the power conduit that includes Shala herself. The enchanted energy is seen by the orange glow in their eyes at times. The Spirit Of Halloween gives the special child amazing paranormal powers that cannot be defied by even the most titanic of terrors! They could easily take down a Demi-Demon, First Generation Vampire, or Werewolf! On that diabolical day they are named Samhain, or simply Sam in an anointing ceremony on Halloween Island.[sta_anchor id=”rest” /]

Samhain Maintains The Balance Between Light And Darkness

On Halloween morning between the Witching and Devil’s Hours they neutralize various dangers that preserve the rest of the day. On Halloween night they Trick Or Treat while taking on sinister supernatural threats and aiding kids in need. Sam can be seen wearing a simple orange suit and burlap sack on their head. Their central mission is to maintain a balance between good and evil that is necessary for the survival of reality itself. Most of the time it is evil that runs rampant and is confronted. If by some fluke the forces of light were overrunning everything then they would be stopped as well. However, that is rarely the case in our wayward world teaming with hellish horror! No matter what Samhain makes sure kids can Trick O Treat safely to further stoke the Halloween Spirit. If you spot Sam give him a sweet treat or slick trick. Otherwise you may incur his or her wrath!🎃

The Samhain Sam Animatronic