The Sinister Scarecrow Of Haunted Loomis Farms

The Legendary Loomis Farms Falls Prey To The Great Depression

Somewhere in Pennsylvania Dutch Country a farm and its cornfield sit abandoned for many decades now. Nobody will buy the property and mostly only foolish teenagers venture on the property only to face foolish dares! The deserted Loomis Farms was once a proud profitable farm of a non-Amish sort. The God-fearing Loomis Family survived and thrived since the time of the Revolutionary War. They were always at peace with their Amish neighbors and often traded with them. However sometime during The Great Depression, things went south for the Loomis Clan. Meanwhile, their mostly self-sustaining Amish neighbors fared far better. The Loomis Family went broke and were facing the loss of their farm. For a time, the Amish shared what they could but eventually, they had to make sure their own community was fed. The pride-filled Loomis’s were already embarrassed by taking hand-outs but at least they were alive. Now cut off, they were angered at the prospect of becoming homeless hobos.

A Once Proud Family Resorts To Stealing From The Amish In Order To Survive

They began stealing from the Amish and even engaged in masked nighttime raids that eventually involved violent attacks. Naturally, the Amish did not fight back but rather began evading the Loomis Raiders. They also hid their food and other belongings. One fateful night Old Man Loomis killed an entire Amish family in a fit of rage. After that, the small Amish community around them promptly abandoned their properties. Although not before burning them to the ground and taking everything valuable with them! The Amish claimed the burning was to fertilize God’s Earth rather than a form of revenge. They were welcomed into another community of their kind some distance away. A more populated area where the Sheriff wouldn’t stand for this violence whether the Amish complained or not! Unfortunately, law enforcement was quite sparse in the general vicinity.

Violence Erupts Amid Amish Discord

There was an investigation into the Amish family death but no proof linked it to Old Man Loomis. Still, there were suspicions. Despite his heinous act, he was beyond outraged that the Amish wouldn’t, in essence, be his slave labor. The Loomis Family couldn’t risk traveling further to perpetuate their raids. Especially when their past thefts were easily done on foot with a quick escape through the woods they knew like the back of their hand. They barely survived on despicable-tasting soups made out of anything they could scrounge up! Finally, they lost all hope amid another failed Dust Bowl harvest. The farm was about to be seized by the bank. So on Halloween instead of trick o treating, they went on a risky raid to where the Amish had moved. Things went south as a small Amish boy ran to tell the Sheriff who lived nearby. The Sheriff and his men caught the Loomis Family in the act and killed most of them. They simply refused to surrender. Only Old Man Loomis and his youngest son Harley managed to escape with some non-lethal wounds.

An Unholy Halloween Blood Bath

The Sheriff tracked the two men back to their farm. The Old Man screamed in terror as he witnessed his wife and daughter slaughtered when they came out of the farmhouse guns blazing at the Sheriff’s department who arrived minutes earlier! They were the only two who didn’t go on the raids.  The two men decided their last stand would be in the cornfield. Harley bit the dust near their iconic scarecrow that had been maintained for over 100 years by each generation. As Old Man Loomis was about to meet his maker, he bellowed forth a Curse damning everyone everywhere to hell in a handbasket! He was shot mercilessly as he blasted his rifle at law enforcement. The tough old coot was launched by multiple shots right into the scarecrow causing it to blast into pieces. As the Sheriffs surrounded Loomis the bloody straw reigned down around them.

A Haunted Horror Is Born!

Before the Loomis bloodbath, there were rumors that the farm was already haunted by countless people that lived and died there. Now the last of the Loomis ghosts joined their ghostly ancestors. Although, Old Man Loomis absorbed the enchanted energy created by his blasphemous curse and his ghost became intertwined with the Scarecrow. Not surprising considering it’s actually bad luck to create a curse on Halloween and Christmas as well! He was trapped in the object by his own curse. A supernatural curse that could now only be fulfilled if someone got close enough to him. Its paranormal power rebuilt the scarecrow on the unholy grounds of the perpetually abandoned farm. The bloody history of the farm coupled with one too many stories of the property’s haunted legend prevented anyone from ever purchasing it.

The Curse Of Loomis Farms And The Haunted Scarecrow

The death toll continued sparsely over the decades courtesy of foolish teens, adrenaline junkies, ghost hunters, and even exorcists believing that things weren’t as bad as they seemed. Some fell prey to flying objects in the haunted house. Especially rusty knives! Others were miraculously mowed down by farm equipment in complete disrepair and devoid of fuel! The truly unlucky were grabbed by the Old Man Loomis scarecrow that became known as the Looming Scarecrow[Ad]. It jumps out at unsuspecting trespassers and grabs them tightly in its super-strong arms. For those who fear it, a supernatural hypnosis can take place that lures victims into the sinister scarecrow’s arms! Its maniacal laughter echoes through the dead stalks of corn with eyes glowing crimson in terror. The victim is squeezed to death and is then devoured by the haunted scarecrow. The paranormal process of digestion is unclear but it is thought the souls of the fallen energize Loomis with the hope of fueling his release from his straw-ridden Hell on Earth!

No Force Can End The Haunted Halloween Hell On Earth!

Various paranormal professionals have tried to remove or burn the scarecrow with holy flames. Unfortunately, the Loomis Curse protects it. It is invincible! All recording devices fail under an electromagnetic storm. We can only recommend you steer clear of this most horrifyingly haunted Hell in the middle of peaceful Amish lands.👻

The Looming Scarecrow Animatronic


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