The Training Ground Of Fear

Somewhere on Halloween Island, home of Halloween Queen Shala, lies the Unholy Grounds Of Fear amid the Halloween Fields. A place where amazing children from around the world join together in a common cause. There are those from the secret supernatural community who were born with various powers or come from a family of magical practitioners. Some of these kids are also the fabled Children Of Gaia. Immortal kids created directly by the hand of Mother Earth. The island also hosts dearly departed children who manifest as ghosts and can take on a solid metaphysical matter form at times. These exceptional youth are bound together by the Spirit Of Halloween dwelling deep in their hearts. They wish to celebrate All Hallows Eve to its fullest while aiding Queen Shala in her quest to keep Halloween neutral in the paranormal world.👻

The Halloween Fields Of Fear Resistance

In the Fields Of Hallowed Horror, the kids train to overcome their fears amid fantastical Halloween frights. These apparent dangers are of no real threat since Queen Shala controls them whether real or illusions. However, they are beyond real to the kids who willingly sign up to be scared silly! Once immune to fear in all its forms they become Halloween emissaries and may even aid in battling those who oppose the proper balance between good and evil! More often they deal with dark forces who are hell-bent on taking over Halloween! One of the most famous cases was when Shala’s kids dealt with Krampus and the Anti-Claus during Christmas! Halloween never sleeps! Even in the dead of the Winter or Summer!🎃

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