A Message To The World From Halloween Queen Shala

Angel Demon Hybrid

Halloween Queen Goddess Shala’s Famous 2015 Halloween Address

Shala Queen Of Halloween has sent an official Halloween Eve Address forth through the global Paranormal Activity Network. She is uniquely qualified to lead the Halloween season as the world’s only known Angel-Demon Hybrid. Theoretically a state of balance, whether biological, or non-corporeal, that should be impossible to exist.  We commend her in the great mental effort it must take to keep both sides of her in supernatural symmetry. Here is Shala’s first official message to the world.

“Now with Halloween Eve upon us I wish to introduce myself to the world. My name is Shala, and I paranormally protect the mystical force of Halloween for the betterment of all sapient beings. I have worked for many centuries to instill the Spirit Of Halloween into humanity.  The Spirit whose creation sparked from my Angelic & Demonic consciousness.  My mission is to insure the balance of light, and dark on this Earth for too much of either will result in dire consequences!

 Blessèd be the children of the world who cheerfully celebrate the Halloween season.  May they have safe journey through the trick o treating hours of gleeful candy collecting amid a simulated supernatural reality.  I implore their parents to be vigilant against the very real vicious paranormal powers that will be afoot on All Hallows Eve.  Let us all give thanks to the brave men, women, and everything in between who fight on the side of all that is just to protect the innocent against such diabolical denizens of doom. 

Blessèd be the practitioners of white magic who marshal the virginal magical energies that children radiate so as to bring balance to the world.  Dark blessings to those practicing the demonic magics as you inadvertently bring harmony in your marshaling of the forces of darkness.  May your efforts to corrupt the youth of this planet fall short along with your wish to descend a cloak of despair upon humankind. Ultimately I wish for all metaphysical magicians to follow their destinies on sacred Samhain.

Despite being plagued by persecution from both Angel, and Demon factions, I welcome Demons on All Hallows Eve who wish to fulfill their role in Mother Nature, and the greater Universe.  I also honor the presence of Angels among us on on Hallowmas otherwise known as All Saint’s Day.  May your efforts to protect humanity, and insure Samhain symmetry be fully realized.  At the final foot of Halloween All Souls Day brings us closer to the spirits of the dead, and those with no clear allegiances in the supernatural spectrum.  I pray they find the peace they deserve as they walk into the shining light of eternal peace, prosperity, and parity.

I bid you farewell for now, and leave you with these final words.  I respectfully request all humankind, despite your differences, join together in mystical merriment in celebration of the Halloween season.  Decorate your homes, yards, and businesses in ersatz enchantments of evil in defiance of the real malevolent minions of the metaphysical.  Masquerade as anyone, or anything you so desire allowing your imagination to soar free!  Carve & light Jack-O-Lanterns ablaze with holy, and unholy luminescence. Share the gift of scrumptious sweets with all whose paths you cross whether friend or foe.  Children, and adults alike.  Tell tall tales of terror in jittery jest, and let the Spirit Of Halloween flow freely throughout your soul.  I implore the billions of souls on this planet to aid in my quest to fuel the Samhain Spirit, and maintain equity on Earth.  Happy Halloween, and Serene Samhain to all, and to all a frightfully fun night!”

Pumpkin WitchShala
Harbinger Of Halloween
Sentinel Of Samhain

The original message was distributed through key paranormal channels written on pumpkin parchment with a glittering gold, and silver ink mix literally made of the two elements.  This may have been a part of a spell to prevent anyone from altering her words of wisdom.  There was also a audio-visual psychic message sent throughout the world that could be picked up by anyone with psychic abilities looking for it.  Although those with exceptional powers would simply receive it by default.  Our very own Psychic Julia Hathaway only got a brief glimpse of Shala’s Halloween Season Address.   We ended up acquiring the full text from our good friend Sorcerer Ian McTavish whose Headmaster at the McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences.

Shala’s message was meant to bolster the Spirit Of Halloween. Yet that very Spirit makes her vulnerable to Demonic, and Angelic attack since both factions consider her an abomination! On Halloween the supernatural community is the most in tune with the Halloween/Samhain Spirit which is directly linked to Shala.  This puts her at risk for kidnapping or termination via those who wish to control Halloween for their own selfish ends.  Certainly after being kidnapped by the Devil’s minions last year she doesn’t want a repeat this year.  That would mean another weakening of the Spirit Of Halloween, and a blow to the forces of the light who battle against the extensive powers that the wicked wield during this time of year.

Mystic Investigations, and everyone in the paranormal community will be fighting the denizens of darkness on Halloween. This is the most prolific time of year for paranormal activity.  While the paranormal community protects your community don’t let it be in vain. Please celebrate the Halloween season to the fullest, and help marshal the forces of justice, and harmony in the spirit of Halloween.

Let the power of the Halloween Spirit into your sainted soul by exchanging your monetary gains for all things Halloween at places like Spirit Halloween.  For those less fortunate let your creativity flow free, and utilize whatever you can get hold of for a homemade Halloween that comes from the heart.  Be safe on these dark foreboding cool autumn nights of rustling leaves, hooting owls, vampire bats, and hopefully simple scares of a non-supernatural nature! Happy Halloween!


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