All Souls Day Of The Dead Warning

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All Souls Day Of The DeadNovember 2nd All Souls Day & Day Of The Dead provide for some of the most prolific metaphysical activity of the year.  Second only to Halloween itself.  A great deal of supernatural energies is left behind by the Angelic presence of All Saints Day.  Many ghosts, and poltergeists of a non-demonic nature absorb this energy which allows for more manifestations into our reality.   The energies also help ghosts eventually move on into the light of the afterlife.  Non-corporeal demonic entities are repelled by the aura of Angelic energies so most of the ghostly encounters humans will have on this day should be non-threatening.

However the more juiced up ghosts will actually attempt to inhabit bodies that lie in graves, and morgues.  Although they may inhabit the body for a short time their energy will fade fast leaving the bodies animated on their own.  This is why Day Of The Dead is one of the top zombie days of the year.  We recommend staying away from anywhere corpses may rest in peace.   This is not only for your own safety but to insure that you don’t jeopardize the efforts of the brave men, and women of the paranormal community fighting to put down zombie uprisings while driving away any poltergeists who may pose a threat.

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