Happy Halloween 2015!

Pumpkin WitchThe 66 Days & Nights Of Halloween: Day 66
Halloween Is Here!
Happiest of Halloweens to all!  The Witching Hours & Devil’s Hours of Halloween are usually the most supernatural hours of the year. Halloween morning is the one time of darkness those of us in the paranormal crime fighting community train for all year round.  The highest levels of dark metaphysical energy manifest along with the black magical interventions of witches, and warlocks, creates horrifying havoc.  Generally Werewolves are the biggest issues since this is the one night they can transform without a Full Moon.  In some cases the forces of darkness are so powerful that trouble can linger even after the sun rises.  Zombies are usually the number one thing to worry about while you enjoy your Halloween breakfast of pumpkin spice pancakes. However never discount a random Werewolf crashing through your kitchen window!  In addition if you attended a Halloween Eve party that goes past Midnight you may face issues heading home.  Certainly that seductive him or her at the party could easily be a vampire looking to prey on you!

Most of the day should be quiet when it comes to physical paranormal beings but there is usually a wide spike in diurnal hauntings from metaphysical entities so stay away from cemeteries, and abandoned buildings.  Trick-O-Treating is generally pleasant early on but as the darkness lingers the entities of evil will manifest, and attempt to make your life a very real horror movie!  If you survive Halloween know that November 1st Hallowmas All Saints Day will bring Angels down to Earth to whisk away any overly malevolent forces.  Then on November 2nd All Souls Day Of The Dead will bring about many ghosts, and other non-demonic entities soaking up the Angelic energies left behind. There’s also the potential for Sapient Zombies, aka Zombie Ghosts, when the dead attempt to re-enter their bodies.  By November 3rd, and 4th things tend to return to normal as we look down the winter wonderland path to Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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