Do Wicked Witches Have Green Skin, Hook Noses, And Warts?

Are there wayward witches with sickly green, or grey skin? Also the other quintessential signs of wicked witchery such as warts, crazy long hook noses, facial deformations, glowing eyes, and claws?  Yes, it’s true that such witches and warlocks exist.  When anyone delves deep down into the dark dastardly magics they are almost always calling upon demons for power.  This infuses the body with unholy energy which begins to warp the bodily temple that is a gift from holy beings from beyond.  It also erodes one’s soul.

The longer a person practices their devilish darkness the more their appearance leans toward the demonic.  Those witches of malevolence who are able to prolong their lives past the normal human lifespan are usually the ones who appear the most grotesque in nature.  This is the price one pays for dealing with the Devil, and his demonic minions for the purposes of unholy power. Generally, most have the power to cast Glamours to hide their frightening facade in order to blend into society. Read The Rest Of This Article

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