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I'm the President of Mystic Investigations. A paranormal crime fighting organization out for supernatural justice in a world full of darkness.

Zany Zombie Antics

Let the supernatural laughs fly free! It’s as easy as putting on some gruesome zombie make-up, and running after people growling like a mad man! If this was real then this type of fast moving zombie would be the product … Continue reading

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Sometimes Halloween Can Be Too Scary For Kids

 👻Martha Stewart’s idea of Halloween seems to be quite disturbing for these clearly scared kids in the video above.  When preparing for trick or treaters please remember that some kids are too young to realize that your spooky decorations, … Continue reading

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Halloween Hosts The Least Number Of Childbirths

It seems women will themselves not to give birth on Halloween due to the misconception that their child may become a spawn of hell. Births on Halloween are 5.3% lower than any other day of the year. Meanwhile on Valentines … Continue reading

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Watch The Munsters Unaired Pilot

Part 1 of the unaired pitch pilot for “The Munsters” TV series from the early 1960’s presented in color.  Click Here For Part 2 or watch below. The campy horror comedy series features an unorthodox family of a Frankenstein dad, vampire … Continue reading

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