Angels Of Love

Cupids are special Angels who are direct higher dimensional agents of Saint Valentine, and indirectly of the Omniverse God. Their general mission is to sincerely spread love around the world.  They can utilize the power of love either in their natural angelic metaphysical energy form or they may take human form when necessary.  The height of their power comes on St. Valentine’s Day.  The day the forces of righteousness marshall the power of love into a holy non-sapient Spirit Of Love. A spirit that aids in fueling love, and peace around the world. In a way grabbing the baton passed on by the Spirit Of Christmas in late December.

There are also nature deity based Cupids on similar missions for love. They work for love Goddesses such as Aphrodite. Often Cupid Angels, and Earthly Cupids will cooperate when their missions intersect.

Cupids central, and most favorite year round specialty is bringing soul mates together who would not have otherwise normally found each other on this huge planet!  They also fight against various forces of evil who have broken up soul mates.  Even going up against so called Anti-Cupids, or Dark Cupids, who are fueled by the hate of their demonic nature! Cupid’s can also be called upon with powerful love spells created by those who practice white magic. Read More About Cupids And Saint Valentine’s Day.

 Love Spells