How Future Bionic Boy Wonder Zack Powers Met Santa Claus

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I’m Zack Powers, an employee at Mystic Investigations, and a high school student with several super human bionic implants. It was a dark Christmas after a blizzard caused the car accident that took my parents to Heaven and turned me into a quadruple amputee! A deeply depressing Christmas spent in a hospital bed before my fantastical odyssey into the world of being a Cyborg. On Christmas Eve I had the most amazing vivid dream ever! I dreamed of having super abilities while at the happiest place on Earth. It was Santa Claus’s North Pole City! There my parents were alive with Santa, his elves, the enchanted reindeer, and the Mystic Investigations Team even before I met them.

In the haze of post-dream consciousness I could have sworn I saw Santa Claus at the foot of my hospital bed. As soon as I saw him he disappeared in streams of red, gold, and green glitter. As I fully awoke a gift was on my chest. Naturally, I buzzed for the nurse using a mouth mechanism since I had no hands.  At the time my Grandma Debbie Powers was the nurse on duty, and she opened the gift. She had no idea where it came from but it was a most unusual glowing snow globe depicting North Pole City and its inhabitants. The light given off by it was supernaturally soothing and radiated happiness into my massively melancholy mind. Later it was confirmed to be holy light because Drake Alexander, our vampire associate, starts to emit unholy smoke if he gets near it. Somewhat the same as if he were to briefly step into sunlight. I’ve also repelled some paranormal beings with it. Although it’s too big to carry with me for such purposes.  I’m also afraid it might shatter. Yet it did fall from a second-floor balcony, and miraculously didn’t break!

I guess technically that was my first brush with the supernatural since Santa himself confirmed it was he who left the gift. He told me this when the Mystic Investigations team was first invited to the North Pole as a reward for our fine work in battling the forces of evil. He had foreseen that I might not get through those darkest of hours in my life, and he wanted to lift my spirits. Not soon after that the mysterious mad scientist, most likely from the future, took me from the hospital. He gave me my bionic limbs along with other amazing high tech enhancements.

Each Christmas after that I always found a gift under my Christmas tree from Old Saint Nick. My Grandma has no clue about the world of the supernatural, and I tell her it’s from my friends at Mystic where she thinks I only work on their computers. She has no idea about my bionic powers. Julia had told me that my Grandma would literally go mental if she found out about the real world of the paranormal.  She also would not be able to keep the secret despite desperately wanting to.  Thankfully our resident witch, with the aid of her coven, committed to a widespread memory wiping spell so nobody remembers the extent of my injuries. There was also an alteration of my medical records courtesy of Drake and his vampire contacts who specialize in such things. Therefore the inexplicable appearance of four limbs wouldn’t have to be explained.

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In recent years Santa gave me my gifts in person when we visited his winter wonderland. Obviously, my dream came true except for having my parents there. Although Time Traveler Michael Remington took me back in time to see my parents again. However, technically they were my parents in a near-identical parallel Universe since almost all time travel results in 5-D parallel travel as well. I stopped the accident in that Universe, and my parallel self grew up as a normal kid without powers. I was unaware of the supernatural world that exists in the dark shadows of every corner on Earth. I’d rather have my parents back then have these ultra-cool bionic powers. Santa Claus has said that in his capacity as a Demi-Angel he may be able to arrange a temporary reunion between my parents, and me but it will take great power on his part.  May Christmas 2015 be the year as we prepare to leave for the North Pole!

The post above was originally dated December 21st, 2015. UPDATE: My parents descended from Heaven to spend Christmas with me at North Pole City and continue to do so every year!

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