Does Santa Get Supernatural Gift Deliveries?

Whose Santa’s Personal Santa Claus?
Santa Visits Baby JesusDoes the Earth’s ultimate gift giver get Christmas presents himself?  Naturally Santa Claus, a Demi-Angel, receives many gifts at Christmas from his own family, the Elves, his Reindeer, and various supernatural beings who fight for all that is good on Earth.  Humans in the real paranormal community also send him gifts.  However he senses when the gift is genuine or just someone paying false homage to him. The real question is does Santa Claus get a gift from some special equivalent of himself, or greater?  Does someone fly into North Pole City, sneak into Claus Manor, and leave a gift under his tree? There are four individuals who do this in their own way.  Father Time, an Angel born into a supernatural human Baby New Year form to experience Earthly life for a year does this along with Santa’s Archangel Father (natural born angel), and Angel Mother Marcia (formerly human).  Of course his parents do stay to join him for Christmas dinner, and he meets with Father Time many times a year.

Jesus Santa ChristThe fourth, and probably the most prolific personality to leave a gift directly under Santa’s tree is probably the true Santa Claus of Santa Claus. That person being Jesus Christ, Son Of The Omniverse God, and distant cousin of Santa Claus by way of Santa’s mother. It’s rather fitting since the original creation of Christmas was based on the birth of Jesus Christ. Santa nor anyone in Claus Manor has ever spotted Jesus in person except via time travel when he was on Earth as a Demigod. On Christmas Eve while Santa is out delivering gifts Jesus Christ is said to spiritually materialize near the Christmas tree, and spin a custom gift from pure energy on the fly. What these special gifts are is a mystery that Santa won’t reveal for reasons unknown. Santa’s kids Nick Jr, and Mary have stayed up waiting for Santa Jesus to appear at the hearth but they always fall asleep no matter what measures they take to stay awake. The only evidence that Santa Christ was there is the sparkling gift under the tree giving off a phenomenal paranormal power aura. Oh, and the mystical milk & enchanted cookies left out are always devoured with not one crumb or drop left behind.  When the kids witness the glorious gift, and the missing treats they always say,”Jesus Christ!”  🙂

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🎅As the Founder and President of Mystic Investigations I have dealt with all manner of metaphysical mayhem! However the supernatural beings and paranormal phenomenon of the Christmas season are some of the most magical. Our supernatural crime fighting team has had the honor of being welcome at the Demi-Angel Santa Claus's North Pole City and the horror of battling the diabolical Anti-Claus! This Xmas blog was born out of a deep interest and love for The Spirit Of Christmas! Merry Christmas To All And To All A Safe Night!🎄
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