Santa Claus Village Arctic Circle Resort

If you’re not a member of the paranormal community or one of the few privileged enough to be invited to the real Santa Claus’s North Pole Village then there’s the Santa Claus Village in Finland. Santa Claus Village is a Christmas themed amusement park resort near Rovaniemi in the Finnish Laplands. It includes Santa Claus Park. The actual Arctic Circle runs right through the village and is marked by a white lines painted on the ground throughout the park. The village is a unique opportunity for anyone to get a feel for the real North Pole Village which includes meeting Santa Claus, the Elves, and even taking sleigh rides with reindeer. We have it on good authority that the real Santa Claus does in fact appear there a handful of times per year but for security reasons that isn’t revealed. In the same way that Santa sometimes poses as Mall Santa’s during Christmas. To learn more you can go to the Santa Claus Village website at:


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🎅As the Founder and President of Mystic Investigations I have dealt with all manner of metaphysical mayhem! However the supernatural beings and paranormal phenomenon of the Christmas season are some of the most magical. Our supernatural crime fighting team has had the honor of being welcome at the Demi-Angel Santa Claus's North Pole City and the horror of battling the diabolical Anti-Claus! This Xmas blog was born out of a deep interest and love for The Spirit Of Christmas! Merry Christmas To All And To All A Safe Night!🎄
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