Why Are Today’s Musicians, And Actors A Mere Shadow Of The Past?

skull-musicSome have wondered why music from past decades seems generally superior to present day along with the actors being rather lackluster.  At least for those of us who are in an “awake” mode not brainwashed by the mainstream media, and entertainment culture.  For us we clearly see that most of today’s talent are given all manner of help to make up for their lack of talent, and charisma through technology, media hyping, and even magical means.  The reason for this lies in the fact that a certain faction cannot have celebrities speaking out against the current system that rules the world. and uses entertainment media to spread forth their cultural changing agenda.  The system being the New World Order run by the demon worshiping plutocratic elites known as the Illuminati.  This small group of billionaires controls the governments, economy, and media of the world through their banks, and corporations.  Once their grip on Hollywood, and all of the mainstream entertainment industry was complete they purposely suppressed real talent which is very rare these days due to the dumbing down of our society along with the poisoning of our food, water, and air causing a general genetic degradation with each passing generation. Even if real talent is allowed to flourish they can be taken down at any moment if they don’t do the bidding of the powers that be.

So the entertainment industry, including demons, look for mediocre talent, and desperate wannabe’s vulnerable to the lure of fame, and riches.  They especially like people who are rather brainless in nature.  In exchange they must sell their soul directly to the Illuminati and/or the Devil himself in order to make it big.  From that point they are expected to always support the liberal politicians who aren’t actually liberal especially considering how they support wars, human rights violations, and the general loss of civil rights.  Democrats, and those in positions of power identifying themselves as liberals tend to press the pedal to the medal when it comes to the destruction of society.  However Republicans, and so called conservatives, aka neo-cons, come in a close second.  They’re both actually globalist corporatist imperialists despite their cloak of democracy, and even sometimes socialism.  Those who speak out as conservative, or even genuine liberal, that shed light upon a New World Order interest including key points in the government, economy, or society in general are promptly blacklisted, painted as being looney, or even evil.  So next time you hear the nauseating sounds of Justin Bieber on the radio, or witness the less than stellar presence of Ashton Kutcher on TV you can thank the billionaire elites, and the Devil himself.

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11 thoughts on “Why Are Today’s Musicians, And Actors A Mere Shadow Of The Past?

    • Gods, and Demigods are a secretive bunch. Especially when they are at odds with both demons, and angels. Psychics, and various mystics have told us they feel an ever increasing number of demigods being born. We feel they are amassing an army for Armageddon. So it would make sense that they might have a camp or several training camps around the world for demigods.

    • The Illuminati mostly choose who will become famous which is why we get a bunch of lackluster musicians who are supported by technology more than their actual voice. Jackson rose to fame on his own, and they had to utilize mind control. Mind control that drove him crazy, and caused him to deform himself through plastic surgery. Jackson eventually broke free, and was actually in contact with the Anti-Illuminati as apart of a plan to expose the New World Order. Unfortunately NWO operatives took out Michael Jackson with undetectable poisons hidden within his medications.

    • Actually she was like Michael Jackson. Selena was attempting to rise to mega fame without pledging allegiance to the Illuminati. Her mind was too strong to be brainwashed, and she was aware of what was going on. Yolanda Saldívar was actually brainwashed into murdering her as an Illuminati sacrifice.

  1. 21…. life just begun, got a tempo like a gun, more in beat than everyone……… that’s his and it helps to get through the day, but a voice inside him says “how much longer can I play?” he’s got infinite possibilities I can see them now, a broken chain he got of but he’s still bound, he’s got infinite possibilities I can see them now, if he truly love then nothing can tear him down- Amel Larruiex (infinite possibilities- infinite possibilities)

    When am I going to get up from this omniverse and destiny we all live in?

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