What Happens When A Werewolf Is Shot With A Silver Bullet?

Normal bullets will bounce off a fully transformed Werewolf or penetrate slightly depending on the age of the Werewolf.  The older they are the more invulnerable they are.  Each full Moon adds to their power base.  Penetrated bullets will dissolve into their base metals, and be absorbed into the bodies paranormal chemistry.  It not penetrated far enough they will simply pop out as the wound rapidly heals.  On the other hand silver is like Kryptonite to Werewolves, and will shoot deep into a Werewolf.  Once inside the bullet will instantly dissolve, and the silver will be rapidly absorbed throughout the body.  Silver is a universal purification element that is known to destroy bacteria, and in this case demonic DNA as well.  There’s no way to extract the bullet.  The kill is virtually instant especially if it hits the heart.  It might take one minute at the most.  Once the Werewolf dies it transforms back to a human despite the full Moon.

If a Werewolf is shot in it’s human form by a normal bullet then a similar healing happens with the bullet being absorbed or self-extracted from the body.  Although the process is quite a bit slower.  If they’re shot with a silver bullet there’s a window of about 15 minutes for them to extract the bullet before absorption of the silver poisons them to death.  If the bullet hits their brain or heart then death is nearly instant.  The only hope of reversing any silver in their system is to wash the wound with unholy water along with drinking large quantities as well.  However the side effect will be a feeling of being sick to ones stomach along with intense sensations of evil thoughts.  Luckily the effects of this will wear off within 66 hours or so.

So it’s best for Werewolves to avoid the silver bullet wielding Werewolf Hunters who relentlessly hunt them down with a vengeance.  Although some simply want to protect the public, and will try to capture a Lycanthrope first with death being the last resort.  We here at Mystic Investigations realize that Werewolves are still humans at heart, and strive for incapacitation, and capture rather than the easy silver bullet ridden death.

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22 thoughts on “What Happens When A Werewolf Is Shot With A Silver Bullet?

  1. I hope I never experience such a tragedy! You know way more about this then I do. I’m always learning more! Thank you for this. You, Rebecca, Drake and all Mystic Investigations have an awesome weekend. 🙂

  2. Is the Michigan Wolfman a werewolf(obviously)? But it attacks in daylight, so would it be an albino werewolf?
    Also does subliminal messages work?

    • The creature is officially called the Michigan Dogman. Our research finds that he doesn’t fit the profile of a Werewolf, or any supernaturally occurring creature. I believe he’s an escaped genetic experiment involving the melding of werewolf, hell hound, and possibly gorilla as well. Since it’s not easy to escape a US government facility along with them not liking loose ends the Dogman most likely escaped a small private paranormal experimentation center. He could have also been the product of another smaller government, and he made his way here by stowing away on a cargo ship, or airplane.

  3. Ashley so there is a possibility of there being more? Have you got one caged and diagnosing it? Thanks.

    Julia i’m going on the assumption that you can psychic persuade someone.

    Touhou I use his subliminals too. A “private video” mmm… huh oh sorry!

  4. Hahaha regular people stuff. Yeah go head message me, I don’t mind making friends Touhou.
    Azeiquil Gavreel is my magical name. I rarely tell people my real name…unless I trust them very much.

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