What Happens If A Vampire Bites A Zombie?

Or what happens when a zombie bites a vampire?

zombie-biting-vampiressRealistically a vampire would never bite a zombie because they can’t partake of dead blood without poisonous repercussions.  Only the blood of the living,  a freshly dead human still possessing the traces of a life force, or certain living dead creatures such as other vampires.  In addition vampires find zombies to be absolutely disgusting on all levels.  Their stench makes them ill, and their blood is quite repellent acting as a potent poison.  We only know the effects of zombie blood on vampires due to historical accounts of small amounts being slipped to them while mixed with other blood along with modern cryptozoological laboratory research studies.  A vampire drinking zombie blood, that is if he could withstand the wretched taste, would fall immediately ill for several hours as his body fights off the zombie virus.  During this time the vampire is greatly weakened, and vulnerable.  However he, or she will easily survive since their demonic based DNA, and the vampire virus within their bodies, are more powerful than any strain of the zombification virus.  In addition there will never be a vampire-zombie hybrid even if a vampire went through the process of trying to transform one.  The two paranormal physiology’s simply aren’t compatible.

What Happens When A Zombie Bites A Vampire?

If a zombie bit a vampire you have the introduction of the zombie virus into the vampires body.  Again the vampire would weaken for some matter of hours depending on their age, and what generation they are.  However the introduction through zombie saliva is much less devastating as opposed to the vampire actually ingesting their putrid blood.  The zombie would be mashed to bits within seconds of biting the vampire.  That is if the vampire themselves weren’t so powerful that the zombie couldn’t chomp through their dense supernatural flesh.  Also no zombie-vampire hybrid would occur.  Just a temporarily sick vampire, and probably a dead zombie.  It’s doubtful that even an entire hoard of zombies could destroy a vampire.  If the vampire was incapacitated, and they kept biting him, he could not die from any amount of the zombification virus.  In fact too much ingestion of vampire flesh, and blood by a zombie would probably cause it’s final death through the superior vampire virus that would devastate an inferior living dead body.  Since a zombie is a rotting pile of flesh they really don’t get sick so it’s either business as usual, or final non-animated death.

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