Do Zombies Get Sick?

Can Humans Catch Diseases Other Than The Zombie Virus From The Walking Dead?
Despite being walking dead corpses on their way to rotting into dust zombies never get sick!  Their decaying bodies are definitely any diseases dream. So you may find a wide array of nasty contagions in the oldest zombies who have traveled the furthest. However, they are only asymptomatic carriers courtesy of the protective paranormal zombie virus that dwells within their dark decay. As asymptomatic carriers they can’t catch any of the diseases but they can spread them. Normally a dead body would lose the ability to support a number of diseases. Since the zombie is living dead and alive to an extent these bacteria and viruses end up surviving. Although usually in a weaker state than you’d find within a living human.

It is plausible that a human could catch any number of these diseases if they come into close contact with a zombie. This rarely happens since the zombie virus dominates along with the aforementioned weaker state of said diseases. Close contact with a zombie often results in being bitten thereby causing the victim to contract the zombie syndrome themselves. Brave Zombie Hunters should always take care to wear protective gear in order to prevent contraction of the supernatural virus along with other potentially deadly diseases lying within these mindless creatures.

Unfortunately, we have sick paranormal puppies like The Plague Doctor who are experimenting with the creation of more pleasant environments for viruses within zombified bodies. In essence, using them as mass delivery systems to spread dark disease around the world. The alarming endgame to create a global pandemic of epic proportions amid an already alarming zombie apocalypse. A despicable insurance policy to wipe out humankind completely and make room for the new breed of sinister supernatural beings to inherit the Earth!

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