Will Humankind Ever Run Out Of Souls?

Will People Ever Start Being Born Soulless?
Firstly, souls are not specifically assigned to humans. Souls beings higher dimensional metaphysical energy copies of ourselves. Sort of the equivalent of our biological copies in the wide array of Parallel Universes. When a person is born they automatically join with their soul because it vibrates at the same frequency. More or less space and the physical world are illusions as the only true thing to exist is non-corporeal energy or consciousness. So when like frequencies exist in the Macroverse, aka everything that is, they merge as one entity that is only complete perceptible to someone who is 100% non-corporeal. That being said there are supernatural situations where a person can be cut off from their soul or technically born without one. Still, their soul does exist somewhere.

Secondly, the evolution program of our planet, influenced by a number of God and Goddess programmers, doesn’t compel anyone to have a specific number of kids. There’s nothing in place to match the number of available human souls in higher dimensional Heaven with the total number of humans who will be born during the life of our species. There’s also no enchanted evidence of any such thing in place for all intelligent species across our Universe.

In fact, there are infinite souls because there are infinite non-corporeal spirit frequencies possible. So no matter how many people are born in any given reality there will never be a shortage of spirits! Only an infinitesimal amount are born in any given parallel Universe in our greater Macroverse. Since there is no regulation of biological births there is usually some natural repeating of frequencies causing the same person to be born multiple times over the courses of thousands of years. This is what some call Reincarnation.

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