Dark Act Passes Congress Giving Free Reign To Fiendish FrankenFish!

A mad scientist, named Lars Alsvik, has stolen various GMO fish parts from labs across the country.  These genetically modified fish are already considered dreaded notorious Frankenfish!  However the mad scientist Lars has stitched the various parts together and reanimated the new fishy corpses to create a blasphemous breed of darn deadly Frankenfish that lusts for human flesh first and foremost, but will viciously rip apart any living thing with grand glee!  Lars has recently maliciously released his creations in various lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams across the North American continent.  Some say he works for a clandestine organization run by top flight royals, and plutocratic elites, who wish to geoengineer this planet into their disturbing vision of dark reality….Read The Rest Of The Story On Our Paranormal Activity Forecast…

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