Did Hitler Create A Race Of First Generation Vampires?

Demonically Possessed Adolph HitlerOur latest supernatural intelligence indicates that Hitler indeed fathered one of the last known sets of first generation vampires.  The first generation of vampires was formed by a demon so completely possessing a human that the DNA was altered.  They then mate with a human, and a first generation vampire is born.  This first generation can sire one child in their eternal lives if they mate with their own kind.  Other than that all subsequent vampires are a result of other vampires nearly draining a human of their blood, and introducing their own blood containing the demonic vampire virus.

From our viewpoint, Adolph Hitler was nothing but a nutty Nazi of evil, and guess what?  He really was!  He started out as a lazy boy with a huge ego who lived in a fantasy world.  After his infamous rejection from art school, he added deep depression to the mix.  All these factors made him vulnerable to deep demonic possession.  This possession originally sparked from his mistake of seeking out a local dark witch named Helgatha.  He believed her magics would elevate him to the status of greatness he thought he deserved.  Instead, she used him as a vessel to summon the top demon she worshiped in order to gain her magical powers.  The demon in question was named Balthazar.  During what young Hitler thought was a ceremony to bring him good luck, and power he instead took a back seat in his mind, and became an observer as the dark Demon Balthazar took command of his body, mind, and soul.  This then became the truly evil Hitler we know from history.  It was Balthazar, and not really Hitler committing the atrocities of Nazi Germany.  However for such a deep possession to last so long Hitler had to agree with what was happening so it’s safe to say he would have done the same things.  Although Hitler alone didn’t have it in him to rise to such power. Eventually, he enjoyed not having to put any effort into anything as Balthazar did all the work.

Balthazar Hitler fathered two secret twins with Eva Braun sometime in the early 1930’s.  The pregnancy was hidden within a Glamouring spell cast by Helgatha the witch.  These twins were brother and sister first generation vampires.  They, in turn, had one male child who would be considered a first generation vampire as well. The intent was for Balthazar to create his own personal race of first vampires as he wanted to make a power play for Earth in the future of the Armageddon end times.  He wanted to repeat the process with Eva but the births transformed her into a Dark Immortal and she could no longer have kids. He sought another female human who was worthy, and willing but he couldn’t locate another.  The witch Helgatha also indicated that Hitler’s body was starting to degrade, and the odds of fathering more children were slim.  In a rage, Hitler killed the witch who didn’t have the power to keep his body strong

Balthazar kidnapped an original royal first generation vampire female. A Princess to mate with his male heir. In defiance, she committed suicide before giving birth!  He was at least satisfied that his first generation vampires were transforming humans into second generation vampires, and they in turn third generation. Soon he would have an army of vampires all his own!

As he felt his ties to Hitler’s mind slipping away he prematurely attempted to take over the world by starting World War II.  He was sure he could seize all of Europe, and then use it as a platform to make the Earth his.  Balthazar had a huge ego like Hitler and wanted to be his own Devil.  Near the end of the war, Hitler’s mind degraded greatly and became quite unstable forcing Balthazar to relinquish him and return to Hell. There he was greeted by the Devil who was angry that Balthazar went against his loyal plutocratic elites and vampires royals who controlled Europe. Balthazar was punished for a time but he got points all the carnage caused by the World War! In the end, he had to secede command of his vampires to Devil and the royal vampires.

Now a deeply mentally ill Hitler was back in control, and he went even madder trying to win the war.  In the end, as allied forces closed in, he, and Eva appeared to commit suicide.  However, it was faked with body doubles as they were whisked away to Brazil by vampires loyal to Hitler. Eventually, he died and was frozen for possible future resurrection as a group of Nazis escaped humankind’s justice within interstellar space!

All available evidence points to the Hitler first generation vampires and their subsequent generations still existing to this day.  It seems they made peace with the first generation vampires who rule over the Kingdom Of Vampires based in Transylvania.  Some think they are merely biding their time until Balthazar and/or Hitler returns!  This means there could yet be another faction vying for power in the great battle of Armageddon.

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7 thoughts on “Did Hitler Create A Race Of First Generation Vampires?

  1. How terrifying! I didn’t know this. I knew how evil Hitler was.. I never thought he was possessed by a demon. Makes sense. Although I am disturbed to find out he created off spring! Wow.. What madness.

    Seriously wouldn’t surprise me if he’s still alive today! If he made vampires.. wouldn’t he be one as well?

    Sorry I have been away for so long. I’ve been contending with things here. I have written Drake many letters. I hope you all are safe! This article is very interesting Xavier. Thank you! 🙂 Hi Rebecca!

    • There were always sporadic reports of behavior that pointing to Hitlers demonic possession. Frankly he was a sad little man who couldn’t have obtained such power even with the help of the Illuminati elites. It’s possible Hitler could have asked one of his First Generation vampires to turn him into one as well. There was also a small window of opportunity where his demonically altered genetics could have been made permanent since such alterations degrade once the demon leaves the host. If a powerful practitioners of magic was able to do it, or if the blood of his vampires could aid in the process he would be a powerful immortal who would be considered a low grade Demi-Demon but still above his first generation vampires. It would be necessary to be considered above them to control them. If one of them turned him then he would be below them.

        • Hitler on his own without demonic possession was simply a sad little man. Here’s an interesting anecdote of his life years before the demonic possession took place. It illustrates how pathetic he was: “Young Hitler did not have a girlfriend. But he did have an obsessive interest in a young blond named Stephanie. He would stare at her as she walked by and sometimes followed her. He wrote her many love poems. But he never delivered the poems or worked up the nerve to introduce himself, preferring to keep her in his fantasies. He told his friend Kubizek he was able to communicate with her by intuition and that she was even aware of his thoughts and had great admiration for him. He was also deeply jealous of any attention she showed to other young men. In reality, she had no idea Hitler had any interest in her. Years later, when told of the interest of her now-famous secret admirer, she expressed complete surprise, although she remembered getting one weird unsigned letter.” [ http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/riseofhitler/art.htm ]

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