Is Adolph Hitler Still Alive?

What Happened To Hitler After His Supposed Death?
Adolph Hitler is not presently alive but there is an alarming potential for future resurrection! There are also anecdotes about having himself cloned via advanced secret Nazi technology now lost in WW II. In reality, he faked his suicide with a body double in 1945 and escaped to Brazil where he lived in a secluded underground compound 500 feet below the Amazon Rain Forest. This was a planned retreat location in case WW II was lost. At the compound top flight scientists conducted all manner of experiments. Some rooted in the paranormal. Various goals included global domination and finding the secret to immortality. Fortunately, their plans never manifested before Hitler died at the age of 88 due to multiple organ failures. It was thought the deep demonic possession he willingly accepted from about 1910 to the early 1940’s was a big factor in his deterioration.

While possessed Hitler fathered secret twins with Eva Braun. It was kept secret because a deeply possessed human fathering kids results in the birth of First Generation Vampires! This transformed Eva into a Dark Immortal that made her the key to developing an immortality elixir. Hitlers physical and mental deterioration were quelled to some extent using vampire and dark immortal blood. It was vampires loyal to Hitler who sneaked him and Eva out of Germany before Allied Forces could capture them! Despite supernatural and scientific intervention, Hitler died and his body was cryogenically frozen in 1977.

In 1984 the Nazis under the command of Hitlers supposed son secretly held the world hostage with a doomsday weapon capable of literally blowing the entire planet to smithereens! Some say it had Anti-Matter as a volatile component. Adolph Hitler Jr., most likely a clone, demanded command of the Earth with the title of Grand Emperor. Thankfully, the US and international forces under the command of Ronald Reagan defeated them. All the while keeping the greatest man-made danger ever created from the general public to avoid mass panic!

The Doomsday Device was too advanced to be disarmed once military commandos got to it. Instead, they were provided with a small package of green goo by the US Paranormal Defense Agency. A secret governmental organization that researches and defends the USA against the world of the supernatural. The green goo was, in fact, a chunk from a Blob Monster. It was theorized once it was exposed to the high radiation of the Doomsday Device it would grow into a new Blob Monster rapidly. Indeed it did and it encapsulated the entire destructive device. When Hitler, Jr. attempted to activate it, upon seeing the military attacking his compound, the remote signal couldn’t get through The Blob’s dense gelatinous form.

The Blob Monster continued to grow as everyone retreated from the Nazi compound. Amazingly, the rogue scientists had developed rudimentary interstellar space travel technology! Plausibly the result of a relationship with the Grey aliens who hold no love for humanity. Hitler, Jr., Frozen Hitler, and at least 50 Nazi minions took off in a rocket in the nick of time before the compound was destroyed by US Marines and other allied forces! It was determined that that Blob Monsters metaphysical matter matrix was strong enough to absorb the Doomsday Device blast. The device was set off by the demolition of the compound in order to stop the Blob Monster. There was a gargantuan blast that disintegrated the Blob and left a giant crater in the forest. To this day civilians are detoured away from the radioactive site.

It’s thought the Hitler gang exited the solar system within a month and were on their way to the closest star system, Alpha Centauri, by 1986. Based on intercepted radio broadcasts they planned to establish a settlement on a planet there by 2014. It was also surmised they managed to unlock the secrets of immortality! It’s unknown what their end game is but it is interesting they skipped the Moon and Mars as potential bases. Rumors indicate the Grey aliens may have given them detailed information about our galaxy and the extraterrestrials who populate it. Let us hope this is the last we see of these nefarious Nazis

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