The Blood Supermoon Warning Affecting Vampires, Werewolves & Zombies!

Blood Tetrad Moon WerewolfThe Full Moon of October always manages to be ruled over by the forces of demonic darkness. That is why those of us in the supernatural community call it the Blood Moon. However the mainstream media often refers to it as the Hunter’s Moon. The blasphemous Blood Moon dramatically increases paranormal activity among the denizens of darkness!  Even worse is the metaphysical magnification of a Sanguine Supermoon!  The only positive note is the fact that the Blood Moon isn’t falling on Halloween nor within the dangerous 13 Nights Of Halloween.  However the exact moment of fullness does fall within the Witching Hour of October 16th! If we had a coincidental conjunction with the 13 All Hallowed Nights then we might have expected such an exponential explosion of enchanted beings flying forth that nobody would be able to hide it from the world in defiance with The Supernatural Secrecy Pact! Read The Rest Of This Paranormal Activity Forecast…

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