Does Telekinesis Exist?

TelekinesisYes Telekinesis, also called Psychokinesis, does indeed exist. In the supernatural world we often refer to Psychokinesis as the full range of mind based powers that can interact with our physical world. Telekinesis is often reserved for the ability to move physical objects with one’s mind. All these powers are latently contained in everyone’s Junk DNA courtesy of our higher dimensional Afterlife souls.  However with each passing generation evolution is granting more people telekinetic powers as the DNA becomes active. Humankind’s destiny is to evolve the full complement of psychokinetic powers, and ascend to Godhood as a society.

Superhuman DNA is the catalyst that programs one’s mind to easily access telekinesis, or other powers, but it’s theoretically possible for some to acquire such talents through continued repetitive practice. It’s said that everyone displays all powers to an extremely minute unnoticeable extent. Something that could only be measured at a microscopic level. This is due to the true source of paranormal powers such as telekinesis. At the most fundamental level our reality is composed of Non-Corporeal Energy, also known as pure thought, or information, programmed by higher dimensional deities. At the highest levels we know of the Omniverse God, and the Macroverse God, who may simply be a collective of all our living souls forming one being. This programming of our reality is carried down through the metaphysical energy, and energy string levels. That pure energy level of our Universe lies just below the sub-atomic level which composes the atomic structures of matter in everything we see around us.

Since our conscious, and subconscious minds possess sentient thought we should theoretically be able to cause the motion of objects without physical contact by accessing the informational foundations of reality. A deep concentration of thought directed at any given object you’d like to move by interfacing your consciousness at its fundamental energy framework. In essence pulling its strings like a puppet master. This of course seems impossible for most since our minds are trapped in a biological brain that’s governed by a programmed process. However one must realize that the physical brain itself is actually an illusion composed of pure energy, and thought. Some are born with the talent of Telekinesis, via active DNA, to see through that ruse on various levels, and others acquire the talent from years of paranormal practice.

Learn About Addition Psychokinetic Powers

What Super Powers Allow For Travel To Parallel Universes?

Parallel_Universe_PowersThere are three basic powers make traveling to other probable realities possible.  Our reality is ultimately shaped by the pure thoughts of us, all sentient beings in the Universe, and of course the pure thought matrix of Gods mind in which we exist.  At each time increment a new Universe is created merely by our thoughts due to the unseen pure thought environment in which we live.  Those born with special abilities due to genetic fluke, nuclear exposure combined with proper genetics, and hereditary practitioners of magic possess psionic powers.  A rare few have the power to travel five dimensionally to alternate four dimensional Universes that might almost identical to our own or radically different in nature.  The three powers of hyper-dimensional transport include:

1.) Tychokinesis is the general manipulation of probabilities in many forms including the warping of magical luck.  Those possessing the rare power of Hypertychokinesis can bend the probability space of the fifth dimension thereby bending the reality around them to reflect the Universe they wish to enter

2.) Chronokinesis is the manipulation of time, aka 4-D space-time, while Hyperchronokinesis is the manipulation of 5-D hyperspace allowing for travel to parallel Universes.  Those with advanced Chronokinesis allowing for unrestricted time travel inadvertently travel to parallel Universes since all time travel yields 5-D travel to near identical realities preventing paradoxes from occurring.  Even our slow natural march into the future has us constantly traveling through hyperspace.

3.) Quantum Ergokinesis is the manipulation of energy at it’s most fundamental level.  The cosmic energy strings that are the building blocks of our Universe.  These energy strings vibrate at a certain frequency, and those with this special version of Ergokinesis can alter the frequency at which those strings vibrate in their body, and even a small area around them allowing them to push themselves, other people, and objects to parallel Universes.

Genies, aka Jinn trapped in bottles, or lamps, possess powers similar to this when it comes to wishes that would drastically alter our reality.  For instance someone wishing for world peace would be teleported to the most similar reality where that exists.

Some dangers of these powers include traveling to another reality, and then being unable to find their way back home.  In fact if they don’t have Quantum Ergokinesis they will never actually return to their exact Universe of origin since you need to know the exact vibrational frequency of the cosmic energy strings from your reality.  They’re in essence the address of our Universe.  Of course that address range isn’t exact since we’re all traveling hyperspacially simultaneously so the frequency is always changing to a small extent.  Another danger includes accidentally ending up in the dark void of hyperspace which is the stuff we find in worm holes, and black holes.  It’s unknown what would happen to someone there but most likely the matter of their body would come unglued since the energy strings that make up our bodies matter are made to be sewn on to the fabric of 4-D space time.  In addition 5-D space is home to many non-corporeal beings such as ghosts, poltergeists, and demons.  In fact that is were Hell exists.  A person unfamiliar with the full scope of their abilities could find inadvertently bring back a being of evil into our reality, or even worse end up in Hell itself.

Even if you lack various powers to access parallel Universes there is a unique program called Quantum Jumping which can allow anyone to work toward the goal of accessing the knowledge, skills, wisdom, and energy of your successful parallel selves in other realities.  Learn more about Quantum Jumping.  You can also utilize Quantum Jumping to become in tune with the frequency of yourself in the parallel reality you want to travel to.  This knowledge can aid in mastery of Astral Projection to said reality.  Repeated journeys there could give you the opportunity to in essence possess your parallel self with your Astral energy body.  If your parallel self has supernatural power then they could perhaps aid you in materializing your Astral self into a physical form.

What Am I If Lights And Electrical Equipment Go Nuts Around Me?

Electro PowerThere is a chance you’re being personally haunted by some entity. Perhaps even continued possession attempts by a demonic force. However if nothing else is occuring but the electric trouble then it’s probably not likely. It sounds as if you have Electrokinetic powers that can be harnessed into an active power with enough practice. This psychokinetic power is the ability to manipulate electricity, and even harness it through your body. You may even be able to shoot electrical energy from your hands and purposely affect anything powered by electricity.  Once you’ve mastered your powers you will be able to take on the forces of evil and aid in the eradication of said forces from this planet once and for all! The Electrokinesis lesson video below may aid you in your totally excellent electrical journey!