Manhattanhenge Solstice Ghost, Vengeful Spirit And Poltergeist Watch!

Manhattanhenge, otherwise known as the Manhattan Solstice, is the biannual alignment of the sun with the main streets of the famous New York city borough.  As sunset approaches on Wednesday July 12 at 8:20 PM (EST) the full glory of the holy sun will glitter down the wall of skyscrapers illuminating all in it’s path.  On Thursday July 13 at 8:21 PM (EST) a half sun will be seen dipping below the horizon exuding a gloriously iridescent light show for New Yorkers. The best locations to view Manhattanhenge will be on 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, and 57th streets.  This type of solar sunset alignment within hours of the Witching Hour of Midnight promises to bring with it even more increased supernatural activity of a spiritual nature.  Expect ghosts, vengeful spirits, and even poltergeists during this dangerous time! Read The Rest Of The Warning On Our Paranormal Activity Blog….

What Factors Classify A Haunted House?

Haunted HouseA Haunted House, or Building, is any structure consistently inhabited by an ghost, poltergeist, demon, or some other manner of metaphysical spirit. Most often ghosts of deceased humans are the source of haunted houses. Generally they haunt the place they died in after a traumatic death, or consistently hellish life. Depending on their emotional state, energy in the environment, and access to various metaphysical energy sources, they may exhibit a wide range of tell tale signs. These can fluctuate anywhere from subtle cues, and complete physical manifestation! Such manifestation, and violent outbursts are thankfully rare events.

Any of the following factors classify a house as haunted when a professional handyman is unable to find a physical cause:

  • Visual specters, and light bursts of varying types. They could be blurs, or easily recognizable people. The more solid they appear the more worrisome their intention is since this takes great power.
  • Unusual noises with no reasonable source. Often the sound of eerie winds whistling when none are present. This might include voices, and human like sounds coming out of thin air. Generally shrieking screams aren’t a good sign!
  • Wretched stinks. Usually rotten egg sulfur smelling in nature.  Although gentle ghosts may produce aromas that match the scent they had when alive.  Most likely the perfume they wore.
  • An unusual decrease in temperature isolated in a small area. The greater the decrease the more powerful the entity since this indicates an absorption of environmental energy. Even worse are sudden heat increases which indicates an energy release from an extremely powerful demon, or some other dark force!
  • Lights flickering, and appliances running erratically, indicating an interruption in electrical flow due to metaphysical energy entities flowing about absorbing energy.
  • Disturbing images in mirrors including the very vision of the spectral presence itself.
  • Feeling the touch of something when nothing appears to be there. If scratches, and wounds result you should flee the home immediately!
  • Objects moving on their own. The larger the object, and greater the movement, the more powerful a spirit you’re dealing with.
  • Ectoplasm residue seeping from walls, ceilings, and floors. Ectoplasm comes in a wide range of colors, and textures. Any unexplained substance oozing out of walls, ceilings, floors, and even objects is most likely ectoplasm. A powerful transformation of metaphysical energy into rare metaphysical matter. This is the first step before a haunted being takes ultra rare physical form!

If you’re unsure about the haunted state of your home then contact a parapsychologist, ghost hunter, or other paranormal professional to certify the authenticity of your haunted house. If there’s any hint of dark spiritual animosity toward you, or other occupants of the haunted house then we recommend you leave immediately! The aforementioned paranormal professionals, or a Priest, may be able to drive the entity from your building through various means including blessing the home holy!

How To Eradicate A Ghostly Haunted Mirror?

Ghostly MirrorSpirits sometimes get trapped in mirrors when a human dies anywhere their reflection is mirrored. The persons soul is trapped by the natural mystical properties of mirror reflection and they’re unable to cross over to the afterlife. They are temporarily freed near the Witching Hour, aka Midnight, due to it being a natural time for paranormal activity. A time when metaphysical energies are deeply heightened thereby allowing a soul to leave it’s glassy confines. For this haunting to occur the mirror must be supernaturally grounded and uncovered.  A grounded mirror is one properly hung upright upon a wall with nails, screws, or anything penetrating the wall. Utilization of glues, cements, or any other sticky materials that affix it to a wall will deeply stunt or prevent a haunting. Ceiling mirrors tend to reject spirits which almost makes it seem like gravity is in play. Mirrors lying on the floor tend to not be much of a haunting risk.

Mirror bound ghosts usually aren’t dangerous because their interaction with our physical plane of reality is only auditory and visual in nature. This usually goes for spirits other than human which may include Demons, and Poltergeists! However if there happens to be an unusual supernatural surge then possible dangerous telekinetic interactions with the environment may occur. Thankfully hauntings outside the mirror will end at the Devil’s Hour before resuming Midnight the next day. Unfortunately spotting the spirit in the mirror can occur at any time during the day or night! Certainly this can be a deeply disturbing sight!

The one thing you don’t want to do is shatter the mirror because that will cause extreme bad luck for 13 years! When a spirit is imbued within the mirror this causes the usual 7 years of dark luck to head on up to unlucky thirteen!  Most of the time these spirits are angry due to being trapped whether they’re evil or not. Being a spirit is the epitome of freedom, and forced confinement is beyond anything a human could experience on Earth! Even if stuffed into a tiny box! Only rarely are they tranquil and at peace with their mirrored fate.

The Solution To A Possessed Mirror
During the day, preferably at high noon, bathe the mirror glass in holy water. You get such wondrous waters at any Catholic Church or plausibly another religious institution. You may also have any holy man, or witch, bless some tap water. After wiping down the glass in holy water remove the mirror from the wall and cover it with a cloth, blanket, or plastic to avoid any reflective interaction. Take care to use something that can’t be seen through! Promptly take the haunted mirror to holy ground which would be a cemetery or church grounds. Despite it being broad daylight you will need to bury it within the holy consecrated soil.Then leave it behind forever. Disposing of it in any other way has the risk of the spirit supernaturally sling shooting back to your home into another mirror. This is because your soul has linked to the spirits when you presumably looked into the mirror! In some cases a possession of your body might take place! And that’s not including the bad luck if you happen to shatter the mirror!  This is also why simply moving to a new home, or abandoning the mirror isn’t an option. It may haunt new occupants but it will always have a link to your soul which is a bad thing!

If you perform the holy burial there’s a chance someone will find it and be haunted themselves. So take care to bury it deep! It might be tempting to place it in an open burial plot or in a coffin with someone but this can cause a whole world of trouble. This could include damming the deceased to limbo between life, and death along with possible resurrection as a possessed sapient ghost zombie!  The only way to destroy the mirror without any consequences is by using holy flames which is fire blessed by a priest, or witch. Ideally the mirror would be doused in holy oil to initiate the fire. A church incinerator would be convenient but unfortunately it probably on burns to 1800 degrees fahrenheit. In order for glass to melt it needs to be 2800 degrees fahrenheit. The melting is essential for the true eradication of the mirror, and it’s ghostly presence dwelling within. Shattering it won’t be enough as there’s a chance the spirit could hold on. Thankfully there is no bad luck if shattered among holy flames, and the spirit will be trapped in said fire of grace. Your best bet is an industrial incinerator, or access to a practitioner of magic who can superheat the thing!

If faced with a possessed mirror it’s always best to seek out a paranormal professional, ghost buster, powerful priest, or practitioner of magic! We wish you the best on your dark reflective journey through the paranormal perils of your terrifying reality!