What Is A Pentalpha Poltergeist?

Haunted House Hell Of HellA Poltergeist is a malevolent metaphysical energy spirit or force with the ability to deeply affect physical environments including inflicting harm upon humans. The Pentalpha Poltergeist is a rare paranormal phenomenon in which five ghosts who died by the same horrific incident become bonded into a perplexing pact of violent vengeance!  Most of the time a magical element involving blood sacrifices, and Sanguine Pentagrams are required to create a sinister spirit so powerful that it repels even the most powerful of demons!  The Pentalpha itself creates a metaphysical Pentagram that wields extreme magical powers which manifest blatantly into our reality. Thus far there is no known way to free the human ghosts from their collective consciousness as a Pentalpha Poltergeist.  If you’ve entered a haunted house containing such a blasphemous beast then there’s no way you’re reading this because you would have died and been damned within the confines of the supernatural structure!

What Is The Most Powerful Poltergeist Of All Time?
The most powerful poltergeist known in the secret supernatural record is the Lancaster Family Pentalpha Poltergeist. An entity actually born of a God-fearing family brutally slain by a cannibalistic serial killer in Dust Bowl-era Kansas.  A poltergeist still in existence to this day in their original house of indestructible horrors hidden behind top-secret government protocol in a zone known as Paranormal Area 842.  The birth of the Lancaster Pentalpha began on the nefarious night of April 8th,1938 when a lone serial killing drifter & magical practitioner named Flynn Mallory brazenly murdered Kenneth Lancaster in front of the four other members of his family who were helpless to exit into the suffocating Snuster, aka massive blizzard, and dust storm.  He proceeded to tie everyone up, and then monstrously ate Kenneth’s raw heart in front of the Lancaster Family. Their terrified eyes displaying the sheer shock of this surreal event!  Eventually, he dispatched with the rest of the family in the same manner for the purposes of completing a demonic blood ritual to attain unholy paranormal powers.  In the process, he inadvertently created the makers of his eternal Earthly Hell.  The Pentalpha Poltergeist!  Read The Complete Lancaster Family Horror…

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Can A Curse Turn Into A Poltergeist?

A Curse starts out as an incantation of ill will fueled by human free will against another person or even a group of people. It eventually turns into a non-sapient sub-conscious like Spirit. Somewhat like the Spirit Of Halloween minus the lighthearted side that brings balance to the darkness. Its growth depends on the paranormal power of the person(s) who originally let the Curse loose. There’s also the intensity of the fear and anger it absorbs as it spreads dark luck throughout its victim’s lives. Along the way, the evil entity can also absorb miscellaneous enchanted energies thereby facilitating further exuberance within the Curse. This is often the case with Curses over entire family lines.

The Danger Of Curses Being Transformed Into Poltergeists
It’s expressly forbidden in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact to purposely breathe life into a Curse. It’s one of the few rules regarding magic in our reality. The consequences for anyone doing so brings down the veil of Heavenly non-intervention and a reign of Angelic justice ensues with extreme prejudice! This is because a Curse turning sapient is a being that could potentially grow out of control like a metaphysical black hole. An alarming apparition that could eat everything alive in its path both physical and metaphysical. Even the fools who used insane dark magics to make it sentient! Once inside the vexing void, a person will find themselves in a perpetual Hell in which they never die until the Living Curse is destroyed. The secret supernatural record lists this happening twice in the ancient past. Both times it nearly destroyed the Earth! Only Archangels were able to eliminate it from our reality! It’s plausible some paranormal faction could try to harness a Curse Poltergeist to win the War Of Armageddon!

The Dreaded Poltergeist Curse!
That being said it is possible for a Curse to spontaneously manifest a self-aware consciousness. In such cases, the entity has a much lower growth curve that keeps it from being a planetary threat. What it becomes is a Poltergeist with a singular mission of tormenting and killing those the Curse originally targeted. However, this now somewhat intelligent entity often spreads it to family, friends, and others as it feeds off the enticing energies of fright and rage. Such Curse Poltergeists are so powerful that they can literally destroy other poltergeists, dark spirits, and even demons! Plausibly only the infamous Pentalpha Poltergeist would be somewhat of a match for it!

What these Super Poltergeists really do is absorb consciousness and then relish in the eternal torment within their metaphysical matrix! Humans killed by the blasphemous beast will find their souls pulled away from the white light of the Afterlife. Their spirits forever trapped within the poltergeist until the accursed abomination is slain by the forces of righteousness! Most likely their body was destroyed when the Curse Poltergeist briefly manifested into a monstrous metaphysical matter form! Truly a death beyond anything we could imagine in the world of horror!

What Are Specters?

Specters are usually another name for a ghost, phantom, or apparition.  It mainly applies to metaphysical energy beings who only manifest themselves visually with little other effects. Usually something between a harmless ghost and a dangerous Poltergeist. It often describes a shadowy looking entity or one that appears quite menacing.  Something whose paranormal bark is far bigger than their supernatural bite. A ghost, spirit, or even a low-level demon with minimal power. An entity with the ability to energize photons within our reality to at least appear to a noticeable extent. Even if only a faint transparent hologram like figure.

Sometimes Specters are caused by metaphysical malfunctions that leave a residual image that may or may not move about. A situation where a deceased person’s soul moves on to the Heavenly afterlife yet they leave behind a lingering ghostly hologram running on a loop. Such an entity has no sapience and eventually runs out of steam before dissipating into nothingness. One sign of such a spectral ghost is the lack of environmental changes such as the air getting colder or energy being drained from the electrical system as seen by flickering lights.

These malfunctions of the soul are caused by heightened emotions upon death. Something not traumatic enough to form a real ghost. Some sub-conscious unfinished business that isn’t quite enough to prevent a spirit from moving on into the light. When the specter moves it indicates that a ghost was close to forming. The movement is caused by the four-dimensional nature of one’s soul. In essence, several 3-D images appearing to create a movie of sorts.

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