Why Do I Smell The Perfume Of A Dead Relative?

Why Do Ghosts Leave Aroma’s Associated With Them When They Were Alive?
Graveyard GhostMany of us have experienced a familiar aroma most often associated with fallen family or friends.  Generally, these sensations occur right after death.  They can include perfumes, colognes, soaps, cigars, etc.  These are the hallmarks of friendly ghosts rather than the wretched sulfurous stinks associated with malevolent spirits such as angry ghosts, poltergeists, and demons.  We know that the dark angry thoughts of evil entities translate into dark energy.  This, in turn, activates a chain reaction at the quantum sub-atomic level all the way up to the atomic.  For reasons not fully understood this often activates Hydrogen, and Sulfur atoms thereby forming Hydrogen Sulfide molecules. This is detected by our nose as a rotten egg smell.   However dark higher dimensional beings have been known to produce other wretched odors on occasion clearly on purpose.  Despicable stenches such as that of rotting corpses.

In the case of friendly ghosts, such as friends, and family, the aromas are almost always pleasant, and most often correlate with a product that gave them their trademark fragrance.  Naturally producing these varied molecular combinations couldn’t be coincidence, and would be extremely difficult to produce even on purpose.   After someone dies they usually become a temporary ghost before moving on into the light of the afterlife.  It’s the soul’s way of giving closure to the dearly departed even if they have no traumatic issues which create true haunting ghosts.  As they invisibly mill about their loved ones they have the power to read minds completely.  In many cases, a mental connection is made, and the memory of the particular scent associated with the dead person is activated making the person think they’re smelling it.  This may be an accident or purposely done by the ghost. They may also actually see the ghost when others don’t due to the unique vivid activation of an image in the brain.  Something like an intense daydream.  This can also occur among many in a group as they think about the departed at the same time.

This isn’t to say that strong-willed ghosts don’t actually translate thoughts into photon energy to make themselves appear as a hologram of sorts. They can also mix atoms to produce the molecules of their scent based on the brain patterns they read from the minds of the living.  However most of the time the entire process is taking place in the living persons brain which is why not everyone in a room might have the same experience.  Despite that seasoned Ghost Hunters can detect the presence of these entities due to the electromagnetic radiation they exude along with other local environmental changing factors.

So is there a common smell for good ghosts manifesting that’s equivalent to the evil entities sulfur smell?  Most of the time no.  Good energy manifesting into our reality without specifically concentrating on anyone doesn’t usually result in any smell.  However, particularly strong forces of good phasing into our world, such as Angels, often produce unusually pleasant aromas that are indescribable.  Some get a sense of something between an indistinguishable fruit, and floral smell.  A type of supernatural aromatherapy that energizes any humans, or animals in the vicinity.  Although the scent might not be detected by someone engaged in an intensely emotional situation, or if the Angels have been around for a decent length of time.  Rare powerful ghosts of good have been known to produce unidentifiable scents somewhat resembling a cross between sweet fruits, and flowers as well.

So whether intentional, or not, those who have passed on are indeed watching over you, and you’re not imaging things when you catch their scent every so often.  Someday you will be a ghost yourself, and probably be surprised what aroma people associated with you since you yourself are so used to the scent.  As you walk into the light that leads to Heaven you can confirm that any ascended family and friends were indeed there in your most depressing of times hoping to lift your spirits.

Hit The Superhuman Jackpot With A Ground Zero Nuclear Blast!

In a previous article, we discussed the metaphysical implications of being at ground zero of a nuclear explosion. In particular, the potential of your consciousness time traveling back or even forward in time via the immense energy infusion. A power push so off the scales that it surges into your very metaphysical energy soul. Your consciousness travels along the four-dimensional expanse of your 3-D minds and bodies throughout every point in time like a temporal railroad. Once in the past, your future consciousness assimilates the new brain while your past self takes a back seat split-personality style. However, over time there is usually a gradual melding of the two before memory of the future is lost. Although it may still exist in the sub-conscious. After this prolific Déjà vu often occurs. This paranormal phenomenon is known as Nuclear Temporal Self-Possession.

If the energy from the nuclear event is too great then the non-corporeal time traveler might shoot past their birth thereby becoming a standard ghost in the distant past. However, the technical term is Nuclear Temporal Ghost. When traveling to a time when the traveler is still in the womb, or while a baby, the developing brain would most likely be unable to accept the massive information of the future mind. It would either be condensed in the sub-consciousness or shot forth to become a ghost completely bound to their own body. At some point, they would attempt to possess themselves and the normal process of Nuclear Temporal Self-Possession mentioned above would begin.

The Superhuman Lottery Happens At The Moment Of Conception
If a traveler manages to infuse their metaphysical spirit into their essence at the exact moment of conception a unique enchantment occurs. The baby will be born as a Superhuman with the potential to possess all manner of powers including super strength, speed, agility, senses, and various psychokinetic powers. Of course, this depends on the person looking to discover and exercise said abilities. They will also possess strong healing abilities, immunity to all disease, immortality, and extraordinary intelligence! They have the best potential to ascend to higher dimensional Godhood within their lifetimes. The theory behind this power is the fact that the human soul wouldn’t yet connect at this early stage of pregnancy. This occurs when there is adequate brain development. With the traveler’s unnatural connection, a magical activation of super genes occurs.

The traveler’s spirit doesn’t become a ghost but rather immediately connects with the natural higher dimensional soul. Melded together they create an aura around the growing child until a brain emerges for the soul to merge with. There are varying degrees of powers if the spirit is infused beyond this point up to the exact moment the brain is developed enough to accept alignment with their higher dimensional soul. However, the traveler is a ghost and does not merge with the soul thereby lessening the power effect greatly. If they possess their child self and eventually merge with the mind there might be some above average abilities present.

The Source Of The Fabled Neutral Christ’s Powers
It’s rumored that the Neutral Christ, a champion of humankind to rule themselves free of higher dimensional beings, may acquire his powers in this way. A person at a ground zero nuclear event in the future whose spirit is sent back to their conception. They eventually have a strong sub-conscious urge to prevent the demise of humankind they were apart of! Their paranormal powers would most likely develop over time. The unique nature of their melded spirits would make it difficult for anyone to detect said powers. They would easily pass as a normal human. A natural protection mechanism to prevent extermination by various minions of darkness! There is also some other unknown unique factor setting them apart from other nuclear spirit travelers.

On an interesting side note, if you’re far enough from ground zero not to get killed then you could become an Incredible Hulk. However, you need to have the right genes to absorb the gamma radiation in the right way to gain Hulk powers. Otherwise, you just get cancer!

The Paranormal Powers Of A Ghost-Human Hybrid

The Ghost-Human Hybrid, as written about here, has a variety of enhanced abilities. Most of which comes from their ghost half but also from activated Junk DNA all humans have in a latent form. DNA containing untapped paranormal powers! All related to its ghostly heritage. These paranormal powers stem from their unique DNA, and the high level of metaphysical energies surging through their bodies. These spiritual hybrids have enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses. This includes the sixth sense allowing them to have various psychic powers. The Ghostly Hybrids have telepathic abilities allowing them to read minds, and communicate with the brains of other beings whether human or animal. There’s also varying degrees of precognition and retrocognition to see the unseen events of the past, and future.

The Human Ghost Hybrid can telekinetically move objects in their environment. They may also develop a wide array of psychokinetic powers over the course of centuries. Plausibly they could eventually acquire all powers, and become Omnikinetic! This achievement would allow them to ascend to Godhood, and finally break the curse of being trapped on Earth. They’re anchored here as if it the planet was their haunted house. Of course there is no record of any Hybrid coming close to achieving Godhood so this assumption is merely a theory thus far.

They also can act as Mediums thanks to their masterful communication with the spirit world of the great beyond. Related to this is the absorption, and manipulation of metaphysical energy allowing it to be used as a weapon against enemies. It also allows them to effectively dominate any ghost they come across. There’s also limited powers over poltergeists, and plausibly even demons. Spiritual Hybrids can also produce the metaphysical matter known as Ectoplasm at will. They can use it as an obstacle by sliming people with it. In the heat of battle with powerful practitioners of magic or other entities, a hybrid can potentially produce piles of slime for his ghost friends to inhabit as their temporary bodies. Somewhat like a Blob Monster or Slimer from the Ghostbusters movie.

Ghost Hybrids can transmute their biological form into a transparent to completely invisible ghostly form for limited periods of time. This is temporary due to the powerful anchor their body has to the physical Earth that compels it to be in said form. When the state has ended their biological body magically materializes back as it was! It’s been suggested that the body is actually slightly out of phase with our reality. It could also be the unique nature of being composed of metaphysical matter beyond the biological level which in turn has a more direct connection with the astral matter level. When in ghost form they may do as all ghost do. Walk through walls, and see past them as well. Absorption of general environmental energy causes the tell tale haunting sign of cold temperatures. Accessing electrical wiring causes the classic light flickering.

Flying is another ability that can occur in biological form if the right telekinetic triggers are employed. Astral Projection powers also allow for invisible flight, and can prolong their time in spiritual form.. As a ghost they can also temporarily possess humans, and animals. Limited possession abilities may come in physical form from their mental powers that include hypnosis.

Due to being half ghost they have a link with death. This gives them Necromancy powers. This is another ability that gives them power over most ghosts along with a number of vampires, and other living dead beings. This includes control over zombies, and the skill to raise them from their graves. In addition if a Hybrid kills someone they can take possession over their soul, and keep the ghost anchored to them for eternity! The ghost can easily be compelled to be their servant forever!

Generally Immortals, such as Ghost-Human Hybrids, can’t have children. However they can in this case. They can partake of two of the three methods of Hybrid creation mentioned here. This includes The Immaculate Conception or taking ghost form to manipulate the reproductive organs of a human female. Then there’s the deep possession of a human to the DNA level while mating with another human. The third method of directly translating their body to biological form doesn’t apply even though they have a bio form already. Perhaps this violates the general rule of nature that biological Immortals can’t procreate. Whether it’s direct mating with another of their kind or with a human, it simply doesn’t work. Interestingly enough two Hybrids could possess two humans and mate in order to have a kid together. Even with two Hybrids or ghosts in the equation you still get a Ghost-Human Hybrid. Although it might plausibly be stronger than a standard Hybrid.

The most famous and powerful Human-Ghosts Hybrid we know of is simply called Gideon. He’s the Deputy Headmaster of The Ghost School. A school that trains ghosts how to clear up the confusion of their mind and focus their powers to battle the forces of darkness. They also enable them to resist the white light that calls them to the afterlife if they want to remain here. [Twitter]