The Memorial Day Zombie Ghost

Zombie GhostThe following is the story of Mystic Investigations encounter with a deceased Veteran of World War II who became a Zombie Ghost. This alarming event took place on Memorial Day of 2015….All of us at here had off on Memorial Day. Of course theoretically we’re never off duty since supernatural darkness never sleeps! Most of us went our separate ways but saw each other at the various festivities throughout the day including the Memorial Day Parade in the morning. I noticed an odd grey skinned man wearing a tattered World War II soldier’s uniform complete with helmet. He walking among the parade floats with a sinister look on his face. Our Telekinetic Psychic Julia Hathaway found us and said she felt chills up her spine when the man looked directly at her. His eyes were soulless coals of death! The fair Witch Rebecca also said something wasn’t right about him. Well besides the fresh zombie looking skin. We tried to find him but he disappeared in the crowd….Read The Rest Of The Story On Our Supernatural Stories Blog

What Are Specters?

Specters are usually another name for a ghost, phantom, or apparition.  It mainly applies to metaphysical energy beings who only manifest themselves visually with little other effects. Usually something between a harmless ghost and a dangerous Poltergeist. It often describes a shadowy looking entity or one that appears quite menacing.  Something whose paranormal bark is far bigger than their supernatural bite. A ghost, spirit, or even a low-level demon with minimal power. An entity with the ability to energize photons within our reality to at least appear to a noticeable extent. Even if only a faint transparent hologram like figure.

Sometimes Specters are caused by metaphysical malfunctions that leave a residual image that may or may not move about. A situation where a deceased person’s soul moves on to the Heavenly afterlife yet they leave behind a lingering ghostly hologram running on a loop. Such an entity has no sapience and eventually runs out of steam before dissipating into nothingness. One sign of such a spectral ghost is the lack of environmental changes such as the air getting colder or energy being drained from the electrical system as seen by flickering lights.

These malfunctions of the soul are caused by heightened emotions upon death. Something not traumatic enough to form a real ghost. Some sub-conscious unfinished business that isn’t quite enough to prevent a spirit from moving on into the light. When the specter moves it indicates that a ghost was close to forming. The movement is caused by the four-dimensional nature of one’s soul. In essence, several 3-D images appearing to create a movie of sorts.

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Why Do I Smell The Perfume Of A Dead Relative?

Why Do Ghosts Leave Aroma’s Associated With Them When They Were Alive?
Graveyard GhostMany of us have experienced a familiar aroma most often associated with fallen family or friends.  Generally, these sensations occur right after death.  They can include perfumes, colognes, soaps, cigars, etc.  These are the hallmarks of friendly ghosts rather than the wretched sulfurous stinks associated with malevolent spirits such as angry ghosts, poltergeists, and demons.  We know that the dark angry thoughts of evil entities translate into dark energy.  This, in turn, activates a chain reaction at the quantum sub-atomic level all the way up to the atomic.  For reasons not fully understood this often activates Hydrogen, and Sulfur atoms thereby forming Hydrogen Sulfide molecules. This is detected by our nose as a rotten egg smell.   However dark higher dimensional beings have been known to produce other wretched odors on occasion clearly on purpose.  Despicable stenches such as that of rotting corpses.

In the case of friendly ghosts, such as friends, and family, the aromas are almost always pleasant, and most often correlate with a product that gave them their trademark fragrance.  Naturally producing these varied molecular combinations couldn’t be coincidence, and would be extremely difficult to produce even on purpose.   After someone dies they usually become a temporary ghost before moving on into the light of the afterlife.  It’s the soul’s way of giving closure to the dearly departed even if they have no traumatic issues which create true haunting ghosts.  As they invisibly mill about their loved ones they have the power to read minds completely.  In many cases, a mental connection is made, and the memory of the particular scent associated with the dead person is activated making the person think they’re smelling it.  This may be an accident or purposely done by the ghost. They may also actually see the ghost when others don’t due to the unique vivid activation of an image in the brain.  Something like an intense daydream.  This can also occur among many in a group as they think about the departed at the same time.

This isn’t to say that strong-willed ghosts don’t actually translate thoughts into photon energy to make themselves appear as a hologram of sorts. They can also mix atoms to produce the molecules of their scent based on the brain patterns they read from the minds of the living.  However most of the time the entire process is taking place in the living persons brain which is why not everyone in a room might have the same experience.  Despite that seasoned Ghost Hunters can detect the presence of these entities due to the electromagnetic radiation they exude along with other local environmental changing factors.

So is there a common smell for good ghosts manifesting that’s equivalent to the evil entities sulfur smell?  Most of the time no.  Good energy manifesting into our reality without specifically concentrating on anyone doesn’t usually result in any smell.  However, particularly strong forces of good phasing into our world, such as Angels, often produce unusually pleasant aromas that are indescribable.  Some get a sense of something between an indistinguishable fruit, and floral smell.  A type of supernatural aromatherapy that energizes any humans, or animals in the vicinity.  Although the scent might not be detected by someone engaged in an intensely emotional situation, or if the Angels have been around for a decent length of time.  Rare powerful ghosts of good have been known to produce unidentifiable scents somewhat resembling a cross between sweet fruits, and flowers as well.

So whether intentional, or not, those who have passed on are indeed watching over you, and you’re not imaging things when you catch their scent every so often.  Someday you will be a ghost yourself, and probably be surprised what aroma people associated with you since you yourself are so used to the scent.  As you walk into the light that leads to Heaven you can confirm that any ascended family and friends were indeed there in your most depressing of times hoping to lift your spirits.