Manhattanhenge Solstice Ghost, Vengeful Spirit And Poltergeist Watch!

Manhattanhenge, otherwise known as the Manhattan Solstice, is the biannual alignment of the sun with the main streets of the famous New York city borough.  As sunset approaches on Wednesday July 12 at 8:20 PM (EST) the full glory of the holy sun will glitter down the wall of skyscrapers illuminating all in it’s path.  On Thursday July 13 at 8:21 PM (EST) a half sun will be seen dipping below the horizon exuding a gloriously iridescent light show for New Yorkers. The best locations to view Manhattanhenge will be on 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, and 57th streets.  This type of solar sunset alignment within hours of the Witching Hour of Midnight promises to bring with it even more increased supernatural activity of a spiritual nature.  Expect ghosts, vengeful spirits, and even poltergeists during this dangerous time! Read The Rest Of The Warning On Our Paranormal Activity Blog….

The Phantom Tollbooth From Hell And Other Urban Legends

An Urban Legend is modern folklore with some truth, or the whole truth in it hidden in plain site in defiance of The Supernatural Secrecy Pact.  The paranormal tales can be told to the general public because it’s placed in the guise of being a myth so people can choose to believe it or not in light of no evidence being presented.  Below is the first urban legend in a series of supernatural legends with a link to the next one at the end of the story.

The Horrifying Phantom Tollbooth From The Blasphemous Bowels Of Hell!
The Infamous Phantom Tollbooth In All It's Hellish Glory!The lone phantom tollbooth from hell randomly appears for some tourists after Midnight on various isolated US roadways that used to be apart of Route 66 or connected with it. They say if you pay the toll and pass through you will literally drive yourself straight to hell. Apparently back in 1984 a guy named Ralph Hanks was a toll booth worker who was suspected of being a serial killer. There was no tangible proof but everyone knew it was true. One day a vigilante rammed his semi truck right through the booth smashing it to smithereens. This brutally killed Ralph in the process! A year later the ghostly tollbooth started to appear in the middle of nowhere manned by the hellishly hideous specter of the vengeful Ralph. Read The Rest Of This Disturbing Scary Story, And Other Urban Legends On Our Main Website…

What Is The Ghost School?

Human Ghost HybridThere is only one supernaturally certified school in the world dedicated to locating, and educating ghosts from around the globe. It’s known as the legendary Ghost School Of Glasgow or usually just The Ghost School. It’s located in what appears to be a large abandoned building in Glasgow, Scotland. Despite it’s rundown vacated appearance it’s owned by the most powerful permanent ghost known to humankind. His name is Robert Macquarrie, the Headmaster of The Ghost School. Robert was a Scottish orphan who had lived an exceptionally brutal life of abuse in the 17th century.

Once released from the horrifying orphanage he lived most of life in, Macquarrie went to work for a farmer. Within weeks he suffered a serious injury that resulted in a double amputation! He was promptly abandoned in the woods to die! Robert managed to survive by crawling about eating grubs, and weeds. Unfortunately a badger mercilessly attacked, and killed him. Naturally all the trauma he suffered caused him to become a Ghost rather than passing on into the light of Heaven. This included resolving the injustice of the multitude of people who seriously wronged him, and the lifetime question of who his family was.

He traveled the world aiding ghosts in resolving their issues. He offered them the choice Halls Of The Ghost Schoolof staying here rather than passing on to the afterlife since it would always be there. His strong sense of justice for the innocent lead him to form The Ghost School in the 19th century. Particularly with the dramatic increase that century saw in haunted ghostly manifestation. The purpose of the school is to break ghosts free of their confused, and repetitive mindless haunting states. Then to regain full clear consciousness so they can decide what they want to do with their afterlives. The ultimate goal is to create powerful ghosts who battle the forces of darkness. Today he, the professors, including a Ghost-Human Hybrid, and his students work with a number of supernatural crime fighting organizations around the world.  Robert proved that being dead isn’t the end of having a meaningful life on Earth!

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