Moon Goddess Nanna

The Moon Goddess Nanna was originally the Sumerian Moon God Nanna.  Some Gods don’t actually have a gender until given one by human worshippers.  Nanna was originally a male based on a male dominated society.  While still a human the leader of Nanna’s Earthly worshippers was the infamous High Priestess Enheduanna, now known as Duanna Sargon, who later became a vampire.   Upon entering her second life she was forced to halt her duties as High Priestess by her overbearing sire Meistiensos.  However it was rare for vampires to worship Gods of any sort, and most Gods would want nothing to do with these demonic based creatures.  Once Duanna was free of her vampire father she returned to worshipping Nanna who had long since weakened due to nobody worshipping him anymore.  At this point Nanna was in a dark void without any gender.  In essence Duanna resurrected the God in her image so Nanna became a female. There’s also the all female followers Duanna enlisted to re-power the once great Moon God who was now a female lunar deity.

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