Universal Law

Universal Law sets forth the foundational rules of our reality. This includes The Law Of Physics. Beyond the laws mostly pertains to the acceptable paranormal conduct of supernatural beings. The law prevents any one powerful being from disrupting or destroying reality as we know it. It was written directly into the fabric of spacetime by the Programmer of our Universe known as the Omniverse God. It is directly enforceable by him or his Archangels. There are even secret Courts Of Universal Law to try metaphysical cases in extreme circumstances. The infamous Supernatural Secrecy Pact of 33 AD was created within a Universal Court. Throughout the Universe there are other paranormal laws created by various higher dimensional beings. This includes Galactic Gods and various Nature Deities. Our own Planetary Goddess known as Gaia has her own set of enchanted edicts.⚖️

📝Interesting Fact:  Not long after being cast from Heaven, The Devil purposely broke Universal Law by wiping out an entire species of people on an alien planet in another galaxy. God restored everything and Satan was promptly teleported to a holding area in Heaven for a time-out. He sat in a white-light void by himself in silence for 6 billion years. One year for each life he took. Afterward, he was released to the point he was originally taken from. He never broke the law again!😈