Why Do Twilight Vampires Sparkle In The Sun?

Edward CullenAs far as we know the Twilight vampires don’t exist on this Earth in this particular Universe.  However if they did it’s possible that they are the product of the mating between a sparkling fairy, and a vampire which is impossible in this reality.  There’s also a possibility of a demonically possessed fairy somehow turning a human into a Fairypire, or a half-fairy half-vampire.   Again this is another being that doesn’t exist, and it’s very unlikely a demon would possess a fairy since they rarely possess other paranormal beings.

There’s also a possibility that the Twilight vampires are extremely powerful.  That the sparkling is in fact micro combustion points on the skin that heal almost instantaneously.  Real vampires burst into flames in the sunlight at varying speeds depending on their age, and generational status.  Since hypothetically Edward, and his merry gang of gentle vampires heal so quickly they never fully burst into full on unholy flames in the holy sunlight.  Although I would think some minor pain would occur, or maybe they’re so pain resistant that it just tickles.  Either way I’d care not for Edward, and his ilk to stare longingly at me while I’m sleeping because it’s quite creepy.

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8 thoughts on “Why Do Twilight Vampires Sparkle In The Sun?

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  2. I read the article. Very interesting. And you do have a point about the butterfly. They like blood and sparkle. But how in this world would their DNA get into us? Unless if there was someone starving way way’ back in the dark ages.. and all they could eat were sweet butterflies? Would this alter their DNA? Unless if they were possessed? lol I’m trying to figure this out. I do know in scary movies about possessed people. They eat allot of bugs. Why ?? I have no idea. Bugs are very adaptable creatures. And they can hibernate. My favorite bug is the dragonfly. But the only catch about the bug theory is.. Bugs love the sun. They flourish in it. They get allot of there energy from the solar lights. Unless if it’s a space bug? Something that can withstand heat and cold temperatures. I also wonder how the Vampire DNA Evolved into what it is today! I know of the Daemonic DNA theory as well. You have me thinking. 🙂

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