What Does The Shiny Red Button Do?

The Master Control Room Of The Entire Universe!
Universal Reset Button#WhatDoesTheShinyRedButtonDo Some 300 million light years from Earth, in the Coma Supercluster of Galaxies, lies an extremely sophisticated control room on a gargantuan spherical space station the size of our Moon. Within that control room are a variety of shiny illuminated buttons including the largest, and most ominous one. That shiny red button in fact has the power to reset the entire Universe thereby erasing it from existence, and causing another Big Bang to recreate our reality!  This blasphemous button is located in the most powerful control center in the whole Universe!  A master management room that literally accesses the metaphysical energy-information program that designs, and maintains the entire physical Universe.  In essence a melding of magic, and technology by an advanced alien society that ascended to higher dimensional Godhood billions of years ago. It’s unknown if they ever used the crazy control center on a large scale let alone resetting the Universe.

This information is brought to us by a handful of extremely powerful psychics, seers, and mystics.  They see a time when the forces of darkness may access this control room causing Universal havoc! The room housing the shiny red button of Universal destruction is slightly out of phase with our reality, and cloaked in a dark energy field.  Long since abandoned it’s only a matter of time before someone is clever enough to find it, and attains god like powers over the entire Universe!  A clause in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact says certain events such as the creation of technology, even if a widespread threat, must be played out without higher dimensional interference. However the original creators of the space station could return to reclaim, or destroy it.  And of course anyone in our reality could demolish it as well.  Better yet the forces of justice could utilize it to turn the everything into a perfect paradise!

The Universal Control Station is an amazing work of art in it’s own way.  The perfect union of magical practitioners, and scientific technologists working together to hack the programming code of our Universe to take away it’s wild uncertainly, and reign in full control. It’s said to have Universal wide Author Authority powers over our complete reality! This includes the ability to reprogram sapient beings anywhere in the Universe. Conceivably a person could grant themselves every psychokinetic power in existence, aka Omnikinesis.  At that point they really wouldn’t even need the control room anymore as they would have the same powers on their own person! It’s thought that the control center was essential to the higher dimensional ascension of the extraterrestrial society that created it to begin with! Thankfully the supernatural supercomputer system is not artificially intelligent. It needs someone to work the controls.  We can only hope that nobody ever hits that shiny red Universal Self-Destruct Button sending us all into oblivion!

Universal Control Center

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