What Does Human Blood Smell Like To Vampires?

Although humans find that their own blood smells metallic like a copper penny, we in the vampire world think it’s aroma is like that of an intoxicating sweet perfumed pheromone laced flower. Its addictive aroma lures us in from great distances depending on wind direction, and speed.  Once detected there’s no escaping for a human because a vampire will remember the scent forever, and track them down. The taste is beyond luxuriously sensual, and scrumptious in nature!

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About Drake Alexander

I'm the Executive Vice-President, and Chief Legal Officer of Mystic Investigations. I'm a 742 year old 5th generation vampire that was born in the Highlands of Scotland in the 13th century AD. I was brought across into the dark crimson world of the night by the infamous Akkadian princess Enheduanna who still walks among us at age 4261. I dedicate my life to battling the forces of evil wherever, and whenever they may rear their despicable faces.

148 thoughts on “What Does Human Blood Smell Like To Vampires?

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  2. Same goes for werewolves. If they work in the hospital in the lab. I’ve seen that one would drink a sample of blood and sniff it. It was hunting season. This lab tech werewolve.. wolfed out and tracked down his victim. He wolfed out and tracked the hunter of the blood sample. I know because I was there and seen it all .. I saw the vision of him doing this to innocent victims. I leaped above the hunters … as he was approaching them in there tree stand. I attacked the black werewolve and he didn’t like it. He told me he’s going to hunt me down and kill me. I said I’ll be waiting psycho! He then leaped up at the hunters and I grabbed him by his tail .. tried getting a good hold of him but he was squirming his way out of my grip. I then Grabbed the two hunters by there coats and threw them higher up into there tree.. Scared the crap out of them. NO lie! I told them stay out of the woods on a full moon. Needless to say they were screaming. They did take a few shots at the bad werewolves before I leaped down. I suppose they figured I was good. Since I attacked him and didn’t try to shoot me.

    This happened fast. I did my best to save them. Needles to say that wolve has not found me yet! I have a few Werewolve friends who protect me. They run on my land. One is an Indian. But werewolves are good trackers. The one I dealt with was very evil. He took great pleasure in tracking his victims. I believe I am a sheep in wolves clothing.

    I don’t know how I ended up there I just show up when needed. Maybe if there’s a god he put me here for the innocents. I still have no idea why I am here with this battle. 🙁 It’s allot for me to talk about in public here. I wish there could be peace. I’m not wanting any wars. But once I am there.. I don’t just stand around and watch anyone innocent get played with like a cat and mouse. I fight for them.

  3. I know what this werewolve looks like in his human form. He’s in his late twenties. Young looking. Black hair.. To me he’s enjoying his gift way too much! He must have really miss used his powers for me to be sent there. The innocents cries will not be going un heard anymore! I just wish there could be peace.

  4. I ask why can’t all supernatural creatures of the night. Do what is right! If they must feed on human blood. Make it very bad people. Such as killers, Child rapists etc. I’ve told a pack leader this. If they are choosy about there victims. I won’t ever show up! I told him I do not want to fight anymore! If they just pick out evil people they can do what they want. I believe we are here to punish the very wicked humans. Not the innocent ones. Perhaps I am here to send this message to all. It is time for change and change is good! We can all co-exist as one in peace. IF we choose to do so. So far it is working. I am realistic enough to know. Peace doesn’t last forever! There is always someone who has to mess with the balance. Not all who are stuck in there old ways will want to change. I know.

    • Yes I forgot to mention that I will on occasion partake of blood from those that are evil. That is if I’m on my own. When with the Mystic Investigations team there is a protocol in place to deal with the evil who might not be served justice in the human legal system. We simply send them to the Amazons where they serve as slaves to women for all the rest of their days. Or I should say only the female members of our team take them to the hidden stronghold in the Amazon Rainforest. We haven’t run across any evil human women we don’t know what to do with. I wonder if the Amazons would take them in with the hope of rehabilitating them.

  5. Hello Drake. That’s a great idea! I know in my town, there are plenty of evil men. My daughter got chased twice when she was walking home with a friend. She was prepared to fight! She grabbed a thick tree branch. Her friend was screaming and panicking. I looked up on my block to find over 500 offenders live next to me. Great!! So if your friends wish to come to my town. PLEASE DO!

    We need this town cleaned up and fast! I would be grateful. I live in Oelwein, Iowa. It’s small. But there are allot of nasty people here. I so happen to live near that bad side of town. Across the tracks and under the vi duck. I can’t stand psycho’s who pray upon innocent children. And there’s a nasty man who is terrifying our kids. I told my daughter if it happens again! I will go out with a baseball bat and be ready for the psycho’s and give them a beating of there life! Kids are the future and should be protected. I hope the vampires come here and clean house.. take care of business. They also are big into drugs here. Corrupting our kids.

    • Sure sounds like you have a nasty criminal element in your community. The police should be cleansing the streets. It’s certainly something I’ll look into. At the least I can get the word out into the vampire community that there’s a plethora of people in your area that won’t be missed if they were to disappear.

  6. The psycho’s here do there best to not get caught. I live next to the tracks. There’s a bad gang there. They’ve been known to jump innocent people and kids who take the short cut through there. Some people have been found dead. Beaten to death. Here I live right next to it. I have two viscous dogs to protect us. Someone tried prying open my back door. But I have two German shepherds who deterred them away.

    I have signs up on my pine trees. Stating no trespassing & Beware of Dog. etc. Seems to attract them more! We have a few new cops. They seem to be pulling more people over. But that’s all I’ve seen. No arrests etc. Since the psycho’s are sneaky! I am thinking about just selling this place and moving to a better town. Just that I can’t at the moment. I want to wait until my daughter finishes this school year. Wouldn’t be fair to her.

    Yeah the blood moon is great! (Whenever I see blood on the moon! (for real).- I never feel anything real bad is going to happen. -Thank you Xavier :). If you’re friends could come I would be thankful. I’m sure they will sense me. I sense other werewolves and Vampires. This doesn’t bother me. Where I live if you see 12 hawks flying above my house.. & 12 Ravens. Deer lol it’s my place. I feed all of the animals. I live on the out skirts of town. Owning a small forest next to the tracks. I love to be one with nature. I figured if I’m living in town. I must have a forest next to me. I was raised on a 500 acre farm.

    -So I am use to living in the middle of no where. Just wish I had a pond. 😉 Stop in if you can find me. Tell your friends put a V on there hand and when I see that. I will not say a word. I’ll talk to them no problem. Or if they draw a big V on a paper and show it in my driveway I’ll come out. Just an idea. Not sure they will want to talk to me or not. Also.. if they do come. My street light is creepy. It turns off every single time anyone approaches my place. It’s highly haunted. I don’t mind that either. 😉 I feel safer with the ghosts here than the psycho’s out by the tracks and in this town. Well this is long. 🙂 I hope to meet you one day. Thank you for telling your friends. Now I’ll be able to sleep better.

    • it sounds like the town government, and police force might be corrupt for such crime to exist. It’s beyond despicable that violent crimes are up nearly 100% as of 2010: http://www.homefacts.com/crime/Iowa/Fayette-County/Oelwein.html. 152.3% for aggravated assaults, and an astonishing 243.0% for rape. It certainly seems that the illegal drug trade is at the center of all this crime in such a small town. There may even be a supernatural power behind the thugs who infest your community. While dreaming earlier this morning I contacted some vampires I know in the Midwest, and informed them there as plenty of disposable human commodities in your town. They can sniff out evil, and will feast upon the blood of the sinister souls. Everyone here at Mystic Investigations wishes for your safety, and well being Angela. Rebecca also just told me she’s completed a more powerful long distance protection spell to watch over you as well. A sign of this spell may be the sighting of a white dove.

  7. Hello Xavier and Drake! 🙂 Yes I know about the Blood moon. I normally do protection spells around my home. I’m not sure if it’s working. Although I don’t do this mainstream in my life! Perhaps I should stop closing the gifts I’ve been given. A psychic I talked with years ago! Told me that she is sickened that I have all this power and never use any of it. She called upon my guardian as well. She told me he was the strongest she ever came across. He showed her my past etc. She told me of the future as well. So far she’s right. The only thing that has yet to happen is that I have another baby.

    A daughter who is suppose to be more powerful. She said a younger man would come calling and a child would be created. In my later years.. This younger man has come calling. But I told him no! Since she has warned me of this baby. She said something about a white dragon that is suppose to be reborn. Freaked me out! So, I’ve decided not to have any more kids. Until I know for certain this won’t harm the harmony we have here on Earth. I believe white dragons are good. But since I am not certain. I should wait! What would you do? At first I didn’t really believe it. But since everything she’s said has come true! I wonder.

    Drake you are right! This place is corrupted. I’ve been told allot of bad things from the people who have lived in this town all there lives. There’s incest really bad in this town. I feel as if I am living in the hicks. Some people here smell so bad I about lost my cookies last week! I took my son to get his drivers permit and Oh my god!!! All the people that came who were sitting next to me.. I had to tell my son I had to go to my car. lol I felt like a snob.. I came back in and the guy who sat next to me couldn’t look me in the eye.. they all smelled like they haven’t showered in a month. I’m not kidding! I wonder why I am in this town. I like my small Victorian house and forest. I love being next to the animals. It’s just the people here who I don’t like. Not to mention the way things are run in this town. My daughter told me that 2 girls in the Elementary school are pregnant. Also there has been a drug bust there as well. I have to ask.. what the hell is up with these people? I normally keep to myself.

    I want to thank all of you for helping. Rebecca thank you so much for this protection spell. I have not seen a dove yet! But I have seen many beautiful finches who are coming right upon my bedroom window. Singing there songs. 🙂 I do feel safer now. I will send healing energy to all of you if you wish? I am very good at this. I also have a strong ability to touch others from far. I don’t know how I can do it. I just believe I can so I do. Freaks out some of my online friends. lol When on cam I would tickle there ear or nose. They’d swat around thinking it’s an invisible fly. I’m bad sometimes. 😉 haha..’ But I have healed many people without ever meeting them. I don’t even need to know what the person looks like.

    Last night as I lay there in bed.. trying to fall asleep! -I was thinking about trying to make it possible for you and Xavier (Vampires) to be able to walk in the day. Would you like me to try? Both of my parents are Witches. Perhaps I have a gift to do this. This would mean that I would have to blow the doors wide open. I’ve been closing those doors all my life! I just don’t want it to get out of control. For instance lighting strikes near me and is drawn to me. The wind gets dangerously strong when I get upset! So I know I have to take precautions. I won’t do anything without your permission. Just let me know if this is something you would like me to try? If anything you’ll feel a jolt of energy! My mom asks me to send her energy everyday lol. She said she really notices the difference. And my grandmother is still alive! I have a direct connection with her. She gets the most.

    -Since she raised me. I see her as my mother. She means the world to me. I don’t want her to die. When she broke her hip. I took all her pain at 11pm. I about screamed. Here to find out the next day she broke her hip! She’s like Angela it’s not that bad. I didn’t even feel pain. I’m like I know why! lol I took all her pain. That’s the only bad thing. When I connect to others I feel there pain. This is long. 🙂 Very sorry! Well just let me know. I am happy to try! Have a good weekend Rebecca, Drake, Xavier & Father Tom. If you read this. 😉

    • You may not have spotted the elusive dove but the finches are a good sign as well.

      You have great potential to be a powerful witch. However the demonic DNA within a vampire is bound by certain powerful forces to be cursed whether the vampire themselves is good or not. There are a rare few things that allow a vampire to walk about in direct sunlight including the ingestion of Gnome blood. I’ve tried magic, and it hasn’t worked. We even called upon the greatest Goddesses with the collective power of our coven, and imbued an amethyst amulet with protection powers. However the results were spotty at best, and temporary. There have been some ancient records reporting about powerful groups of Sorcerers who were able to reverse the curse. Unfortunately Sorcerers of that magnitude are a rare breed in this day, and age.

      Drake was able to walk in direct sun all day on St.Patrick’s Day because he saved a Leprechaun last year who then promised he would imbued with good luck on the next St.Patrick’s Day. Apparently the magic of pure good luck can neutralize the vampire curse….at least for 24 hours.

      I think Drake does pretty well getting around by day with the holy glass windows, occasional sewer jaunts, and gnome blood when he can catch one of the little evil rascals.

    • Speaking of body odor…vampires never get it. I’ve never met a bad smelling vampire in my life. Seriously I often went months without bathing back before indoor plumbing. There was a time when it was common for people to only bathe once a year. In fact whole families would share the annual bath, and sometimes the kids would end up dying from the noxious waters. The aroma of most ancient people would make you regurgitate your lunch. Of course back then everyone was used to each others wretched stinks. Luckily vampires aren’t easily sickened by smells. That is unless it’s garlic or some other paranormal herb.

      You can definitely try to offer me protection from the sun but believe me it’s been tried over the past seven centuries. It’s something that even alludes the royals. However they can more easily get hold of Gnome blood which provides temporary protection from the suns holy rays.

  8. Hello again Rebecca, Drake & Xavier. 🙂 Well since I have been closing the doors to whatever powers I’ve had. I will do my best to open it again! It’s worth a shot! The worse thing that could happen. Is what happened on the 7th. lol 😉 It shouldn’t hurt at all. Just tickle. haha’..

    Rebecca, I am so grateful for what you did for me. Thank you so much! I don’t ask my family for help. The only time I have ever helped my family with protection was when they were getting attacked by other witches. My grandmother was being harassed by 3 of her so called witch friends. She told me she was afraid for her life! She told me they even entered her dreams and attacked her there.

    Well I took care of it. Then my uncles evil witch wife hated his sister, my aunt Lisa. She cursed her so she’d lose her left arms. Since she makes a living doing chainsaw carvings. I meditated and could see a dark entity around her. I astrally grabbed him and said return to your sender! NOW! I refused to let him stay. Since the dr’s were going to amputate her arm the next day. Since the infection was moving up her arm. Lisa always has hated me since I can remember.

    Probably because grandma took care of me. I was the youngest. She was very jealous of me still is. Even at Easter she had to insult my son. Said he’s to skinny etc. I told him she’s like this because of me. Not him. I was very close to my grandparents and my uncle and aunt didn’t understand. I didn’t know why till now. But I still protect my hypocritical family. Even though they say bad things about me etc. Family right? lol It doesn’t bother me as much anymore! My son said they are young souls.. They have much to learn.

    Xavier do you ever wish to become a vampire? Like a retirement? I’m only curious. 🙂 Do you meditate much? You might be able to open more of your abilities. Rebecca do you sense his gifts? You might be able to enhance his abilities. Help him open them some more. That is if you wish to open them. 🙂

    Drake. I really do want to help make life even better for you! You deserve to walk in the day as you wish! Since you have a sweet heart. I like what you all stand for as well. It would be my pleasure to help. It’s now my bed time. 🙂 1:21am. I’ll send you some energy. Sweet dreams you guys. And thank you again!

    • No I have no wish to be a vampire. The thought of drinking blood makes me sick. I’m not sure I have any gifts but the origin of these bouts of strength when needed, and the healing remain a mystery. Our Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie tested my DNA, and found that I’m human. However all my DNA sequences are perfect which is something science has never seen in a human. Although there’s nothing in the DNA itself to suggest I’m super human. BTW don’t tell anyone. I don’t want government scientists studying me.

    • I do sense untapped power within Xavier but it’s origins elude me. It seems to come from neither demonic, angelic, Godly, Jinn, alien, or magical origins.

      It’s our duty as good witches to thwart the efforts of wicked witches who desecrate the gifts of the Goddesses, and twist their power into evil.

      I was an only child raised by my Mermaid witch mother, and my human father, a fisherman she fell in love with. That love caused her to leave her life under the sea in defiance of the royals of Atlantis. She was a Mermaid princess who never cared for the royal ways, and has eluded her family for decades now. Every so often they send someone after her. They even tried to kidnap me when I was a baby. However we do visit a few trusted family members, including my Grandmother, on an Atlantic beach on the night of the full Moon. My father doesn’t have much family on his side. So mainly it’s just been the three of us. My parents now live on the shores of the Salton Sea in California which is a landlocked rebel Mermaid encampment.

  9. I was rambling on .. I didn’t finish telling you about Lisa my aunt. She had a miraculous cure! Her arm healed fast. The Dr was amazed. But the down side to this was I took her pain. For the next week my arm felt like it was infected. I had to fight it off. I still don’t understand how it works. Or why I take their pain. Even though she hates me. I still would do it again! I pity my enemies. I try to keep the peace no matter what. Unless if someone literally attacks me and I have to fight for my life! Then I fight back! Good night. Thank you for your responses to all of my questions.

  10. Hi Xavier. That’s cool. When you have demonstrate your superhuman strength. Is it when you’re upset or in an emergency situation? The mind is able to do anything. I believe we can do anything when we have to. Have you tested this in different scenarios? I know you’ve been tested. Yeah I wouldn’t want the government to find this out. That would be bad. I won’t say a word to anyone!

    You must have a strong will & mind. Have you figured out exactly how much you can bench? I’m curious. But that is amazing. Allot of people wouldn’t want to drink blood. Or wouldn’t have the stomach for it. I have yet to drink blood. Mostly just eat rare steaks. I find it sweet and it doesn’t really bother me. Because I get my color back in my face. I look less pale. Also I get a jolt of energy. More than normal. I’ll so more research online to find out if others have your abilities. I’ll let you if I find anything out!

    • Generally I have to get angry for the super strength. However I’ve never been sick, and have always rapidly healed any injuries. I’ve bench pressed 200 pounds but I wasn’t angry at the time. I certainly am no Drake Alexander. I remember that time we were at the local gym once, and a quartet of hulked up weight lifting goons were harassing some women who didn’t want anything to do with the creeps. Me, Drake, and Hunter Jackson, our ex-Navy Seal, walked over to deal with the steroid ridden punks. After exchanging several stinging unpleasantries between our two opposing groups the body builders started to get all up in our faces. Me and Drake only got one guy each but Hunter got two threatening him because he looks like a body builder himself, and is 6’4″. Although me, and Drake are well toned. Of course I have to work at it but Drake’s muscular physique is a vampire gift. He could lie in bed all day long, and still look like Superman. He’s 6′ 1″, and I’m 6’2″. Drake told me later he felt the anger building. Especially after one of the guys shoved a woman nearby. He was worried he’d permanently damage all four of them so he decided to end it all by lifting the entire Universal Gym next to him with one hand. In fact he lifted it over his head, and it crashed through the ceiling causing plaster pieces to fall on all of us like a snow storm. Drake then said,”Oh crap!” He put the gym down. I found out later it weighed about 800 pounds. All the men were shocked, and one even had a blank stare on his face while he peed his shorts. It ran down his leg, and left a trail. The men said they didn’t want any trouble after all, and they dragged their catatonic buddy away with them.

      The ladies walked over, and gave us their numbers. I had to pull one of them aside because she nearly stepped in the pee trail on the floor. Drake apologized to the gym manager, and pulled out a wad of cash. He gave the guy $1000 for himself, and $8000 for the damages. Of course that was nothing compared to that time my Lamborghini was forced into the ditch by a crazy witch wanting her Gnome returned. I had just captured it in some womans house, and I had it in my trunk. It turned out the witch was a member of the notorious Anti-Claus coven. After the battle Drake comes over and pulls my car out of ditch himself. I was thinking I would have to call tow truck but who needs one when you have a vampire. He even lifted the car again while I changed my tire. I looked to see if I had recorded the event but apparently I never finished that blog entry: http://mysticinvestigations.com/blog/?p=487. That was the first time I saw Drake wield the powers of witchcraft thanks to drinking witches blood.

  11. Hello Rebecca. I’ve always wondered about mermaids. I’ve had lucid dreams about them. This was many years ago I had this dream. It was about a woman mermaid who went to her lover in Spain. They were very rich and sweet people. No one knew she was a mermaid. I seen how much she loved him. It was about a couple. They fell in love. I only seen bits and pieces of this. Was as if I was there. Mermaids are very beautiful. I’m sure your mother is and so are you! I’m sorry to hear about your mother. Why won’t they leave let things be? That’s sad. I’m sure she’s not the only mermaid who’s fallen in love with a human.

    But that’s terrible they tried to kid nap you. 🙁 I hope there can be peace. Have you ever transformed into a mermaid in astral form? I’m sure you can. Thank you both for sharing your experiences with me. I find this very interesting. I only wish I could help. I’m very open minded. Anythings possible.

    • Sure there’s a Mermaid every so often that falls in love with a human, and wants to live in the human world. The royals don’t like it but generally don’t do anything. In my Mother’s case she’s royalty so it looks bad that she’s rejecting the under sea ways of Atlantis. It’s about control of the Mermaid culture. However they realized they might be facing a revolt, and some centuries ago they allowed Mermaids to leave the sea for one month when they come of age. So they can see the human world for themselves, and judge if they want to stay, and become human. Most choose to return to the peace, and tranquility of the mystical seas.

      They haven’t tried to kidnap me in years. I don’t think they’d mess with me now that I have powers, and am surrounded by such powerful friends.

      I myself have never been to Atlantis, and don’t have a connection to the Mermaid community. I only transformed into a mermaid once but was unconscious at the time. I wasn’t even aware I could transform. It was after I died from the power of the Heart Of The Mystical Forest. Xavier took me to a magical pond in the forest which had ocean like properties. Since I’m half-mermaid, and mermaids are immortal, he reasoned I should be able to resurrect utilizing my mermaid half. Within the wondrous waters I came back to life, and I manifested a mermaid tail for mere seconds before transforming back.

      I often wonder how long I’ll live since half of me is immortal. How long is half of eternity? I’m too young to see if I’m aging yet.

      I have astral projected before but never in a mermaid form. I suppose I’ve had no reason or urge to do so.

  12. Drake are you here? 🙂 I thought I seen you last night. Was it you? I sent you more energy around 2am. Since I had a late start getting up to bed. I saw a vampire man. He even nibbled on me a bit on my left upper thigh. I didn’t mind. Since I thought it was you Drake. Didn’t hurt at all. I woke with a small circular bruise where I was bitten. One tooth went in not two. And there was a great deal of energy exchanged that was amazing! Drake I sure hope he was you! 🙂 Since I am in awe. lol If not who then? I wonder. I woke with a smile.

    I also thought I seen the royals. I was in a large place. There was a long table that stretched throughout the place and allot of vampires were there. Felt like a huge family gathering. Everyone looked at me like. Who are you? I then saw a woman who was very familiar to me. She was so beautiful dark hair. I went up to her and introduced myself. I had the feeling she was Duenna. But why was she so familiar? That was odd. Maybe I was just having an odd dream? I don’t know. But it was so lucid. The vampires were nice. Felt as if I have been there before! Like “deja vu”. All I can say’.. Last night was pretty amazing! 🙂

    • It may very well have been Duanna if she looked middle eastern. I was in a psychic dream meeting with her last night, and other vampires she brought across over the centuries. My vampire brothers, and sisters. You may have notices the table was laden with food despite vampires not having any appetite for such things. However in the dream astral plane we are more connected with our human souls, and feel the hunger for a plethora of delectable delights which we can eat to our hearts content since it’s not real.

  13. Xavier. So you’re sort of like the incredible hulk? That’s really cool. We need people with these abilities. Give the bad guys a run for there money! Maybe you should have become a cop? I bet you’d kick but. lol You and drake as partners yeah’.. They’d better run. Right now I’m contemplating on tilling my garden. 😉 I know it’s soon. It’s pretty boring here in Oelwein. Oh well. 🙂

    • Yes except I don’t turn green, and I’m not as powerful. I had one of the Anti-Claus’s witches tossing me around the forest like a rag doll this past Christmas season via her magically induced super strength.

      I’d find police work boring. I crave the excitement of the paranormal planet.

      Rebecca started her herbal garden out back about a month ago. Spring often comes early in the Enchanted Woodland we live in. It’s a different area of woods separated from the Mystical Forest by Luminary Lake, and some rivers.

  14. I enjoy Italian foods. Only in the dream plane can I eat garlic. I eat all manner of food there. I find everything to be delicious. However my favorite is my mother’s gilded crust fruit tart.

    Events in the astral plane aren’t always clear as they are here. I vaguely felt you on the fringes of our astral meeting room, and Duanna asked about the unknown presence she felt. I told her it was probably you. I don’t think you fully materialized in our plane.

  15. Well he’s got muscles like superman but he looks sort of like a cross between Sean Connery, and Adrian Paul of Highlander fame. You could slap a Superman suit on him, and Rebecca could cast some spells so he could fly around, and shoot lasers out of his eyes. He’s sure got the strength, and super speed covered. There’s nothing more impressive than to see bullets bounce off his chest. I got a new gun one time, and he told me to test it on him. I emptied the lead on to him. They all bounced off except for the one bullet he caught to show off. He had to change his shirt since it was full of holes.

    Yeah the ladies were all over us. Although I shouldn’t say that. Rebecca gets really jealous. She actually hated Duanna when we first met at Drakes funeral when we thought he was dead. Duanna started coming on to me the minute she walked into Drake’s manor. They got into a little fight over me. I pretended it agitated me but I secretly liked it. Sorry Rebecca! It all turned out good because now they’re friends. She just had to realize that Duanna comes on to any guy whose the dominant male in any given place. I was in charge of the funeral, and the President of Mystic Investigations so she had to make a play. It’s in her nature.

  16. Hi Xavier. LOL well I can’t blame Duanna. I just hope she don’t get upset at me for flirting with her Drake! If he’s taken I won’t continue. He did say Vampires are single. But I don’t wish to upset Duanna either. She could kick my butt. 😉 Rebecca reminds me of myself. I’m the jealous type as well. Love is worth holding onto. You two are a great couple. I believe most men secretly like it when there’s a small cat fight over them. I’m sure Rebecca knows. 😉 I know you’re not green. The hulk was who came to mind when I think of super strength. yeah I love comics. Xmen, Wolverine.

    Drake that’s awesome. I really do love Italian food. Along with Chinese & roast beef. That tart sound good. I make a jello cake. It never lasts. Everyone devours my desserts. I sometimes end up places without trying. I might have accidentally popped up there. Please let Duanna know, I am sorry! I know I wasn’t invited then. I wish I could control where I go. I know ghosts also get hungry. I’ve seen them eating Chinese food once. I showed up and I was so hungry for Chinese and they picked up on me. lol Then next thing I know they were making it. lol They shared it with me.

    • Thank God we got that crazy Chupacabra back in his cage! Man the office is a mess! The janitor is going to hate us!

      Yes Duanna is a very formidable opponent. A vampire over 4000 years old is very powerful. Then you add in the fact she’s a fourth generation vampire. You already know how strong Drake is but one time Drake was under an unholy spell, and he turned evil for a bit. Duanna had to subdue him, and it really wasn’t much trouble for her. I wonder how much she could lift? Maybe she could drag a semi-truck out of a ditch. She’s also the High Priestess Of The Sumerian Moon God Nanna. I presume she channels power through that God to make her even more powerful. Of course her power is nothing in comparison to third, second, and first generation vampires who could be hundreds of centuries old.

      Drake does enjoy the solitude of his isolated forest manor that we call Drake’s Lair. However he does have some eye candy on his arm every so often. Then there’s the occasional visits from Duanna, female members of his vampire family, and others he’s known for centuries. There’s also a little unrequited sexual tension between him, and our Psychic Julia Hathaway. He saved her from an evil vampire when she was in high school, and I think she’s had a crush on him since. He cares about her but I think he feels guilt because he still sees her as that teen girl in some ways. Back then his feelings were more fatherly or brotherly I think. He’s not like these pervert vampires who keep going back to high school to sex up teen girls. Just because you look young doesn’t mean you should be robbing the cradle. I even wrote an article about this every growing epidemic threatening our impressionable youth: https://mysticinvestigations.com/paranormal-news/?p=48.

      So I don’t think there’s any problem with simple flirting. However Julia might have a fit if it escalates too far. I hope she doesn’t read this. She’d be mortified. Luckily she doesn’t come on here that often. Oh wait Drake might go crazy reading this! Oh boy! Sorry Drake!

    • Duanna wasn’t really upset. She just wanted to make sure you weren’t a vampire royal, or some other evil entity listening in on us. The Astral Plane is the only place that is generally secure for speaking freely.

      The thing is that the food isn’t actually real. It materializes from my memory of eating food when I was human. Although most of the things I eat I never ate as a human. We assume that our minds are extrapolating those flavors, or we’re culling it from the collective consciousness of humanity which crosses the dream plane when they are in REM sleep.

  17. I’ve never met any of them in my dreams. I’ve met with my Grandmother, and a few cousins who don’t agree with the royals on a secluded beach on a full moon at Midnight. However I don’t have any interest in meeting the royals or the other members of my family who shun me, and my Mother out of some archaic traditions.

  18. Rebecca you are one of the most beautiful women I have even seen. 🙂 Seriously. You and Xavier are such a sweet couple. I wish you both the very best! As for Julia and Duanna. I don’t want to hurt anyone. It’s nice being friends. I’m not exactly ready for a man now anyhow. I would have to say though’ it’s upon Drake what he wishes. 😉 I’m sure he keeps his options open. Since Vampires are normally single. Right Drake?

    Lol Father Tom. Hi Tom. Nice to meet you! 🙂

    I guess there’s only going to be one mistress here and no master. Seems to be my life story! Would be nice to have an equal love. Someone who wants the same as I. I haven’t given up just yet!

    Thank you Drake, Rebecca & Xavier. Oh I laughed when Xavier said that about you Rebecca. 😉 You guys are a cute couple. Do you two plan on getting married and maybe having kids? My advise is take your time. Always tell each other you love one another before bed. Even if you’ve had a disagreement. I’ll send energy probably at 12:30am. I send some last night. But I took a sleeping pill and was so worn out. lol I don’t think you guys got any. I fell asleep! Good luck with the Chupacabra. (Didn’t think they existed.) Gnight! Angela 🙂

    • Neither of us is interested in kids at this time. We’re too committed to the fight against the forces of evil. Especially when various psychics have told us that we’re going to be major players in the apocalypse. That includes Drake as well. Maybe after Armageddon we can finally relax, and have some kids if good prevails.

      Me, and Xavier feel that marriage is an archaic unnatural institution that shackles, and smothers love. I know Father Tom comes around every so often preaching the sins of fornication. We generally tell him that me, and Xavier are merely roommates. Luckily we have a number of bedrooms, and we tell Tom that we each have our own room. I feel bad for the guy, and his cloistered life.

    • Appears to be a baby Chupacabra sedated, and domesticated as far as it can be trained. Once it’s an adult it must be kept caged at all times with no contact with any living thing. Chupacabra are extremely violent, and blood thirsty creatures that will maim, and kill in an instant. Only a trained professional such as myself should handle such paranormal creatures. A Chupacabra was even a handful for Drake who wrestled with a little beast last year who escaped from a Billionaires private zoo. Drake was totally scratched up, and bleeding. Although he totally healed within minutes. Sometimes I use my Chupacabra whistle, in full or reverse, to lure the animal or repel it when needed. Also the Chupacabra can inadvertently be used for good as in my kidnapping last summer: http://mysticinvestigations.com/blog/?p=353.

  19. I understand that. I didn’t hear anything, I was mostly wondering how I got there and why! When I’m in that state of mind. Normally I just am like a big child goofing off! Having fun. I’m very forward and hub people. I don’t act as I do while I’m awake! I don’t even understand it myself. Probably because I have too much energy while I’m astral-ling. So I’m like a kid high on sugar. Or had way to many energy drinks.

    It’s helped me allot since I’ve been sending you three my energy. I think I have to give this away! I have way too much! Drake since I’ve been getting more blood from the steaks. I’ve noticed allot more energy! Also the kids and Greg told me I look so young. Greg about raped me the other morning. I’m like NO! He said omg you look like when we first met. I’m like what! My hair is also more wavy and strawberry blonde. I’ve noticed some changes as well. It this normal? What am I?

    I explained to them that since I’ve been having more rare steak I believe it’s helped me to heal. Look younger etc. When Jen and Paul came over to ask us to visit them at the camp ground to roast marsh mellows. When Jen seen me. She turned her back on me. and refused to even look at me. I was like really Jen. wow.. So I look very young now. lol I’m not complaining. But Jen hates me and my daughter looked at me with a freaked out look in her eye. I guess I’ll have to continue eating rare steaks and see what else happens. I wonder what would happen if I ever did drink blood. Drake I hope I didn’t embarrass you in here. Flirting with you like I have. I find you hard to resist. When I seen you astrally.. I felt as if you were familiar some how.

    • You might be a psychic-blood vampire hybrid. Perhaps you can feed off blood or energy, and then send energy as well. You should also see if you can manifest this energy into a physical form. Perhaps you may possess the power of electrokinesis or possibly even photokinesis since light is energy as well.

      No I’m not embarrassed by flirting. I’ve had women flirting with me for hundreds of years.

  20. Xavier I wanted to say’.. I’m glad you’re doing what you have been. We have plenty of cops. Many people don’t understand the super natural. I’m one of them. I’ve had many experiences with this. But it doesn’t mean I know why or how it happens. It is what it is. I try to just except what’s happened. I also make peace with ghosts. I know for some it’s horrifying. Many houses are haunted here in Iowa. There was one that was freaking me out! When I would sleep. They would scratch down my walls. I would ignore them. lol Then they finally got tired of me ignoring them. A red haired woman hit my feet and said in a rage “ANGELA” You need to leave.

    Here to find out she was murdered. The next morning I called my sister and as I was telling her’ Amber this place is haunted.She’s like omg.. My shoe levitated and was thrown at me. I screamed. My sister about had a heart attack! She’s like Angie.. angie.. I then laughed told her omg.. They threw my shoe at me. I told her I’ll call you back! I got up off the sofa.. Stood there. I could sense where the ghost was. I said listen here woman. I don’t want to be here anymore than you want me to be. I said I just paid my months rent. I have no where to go now. You’ll just have to be patient and we will move back to our house. I said now leave me the hell alone!! So she did. lol I did keep my promise as well. Moved out the next month. I’ve had many other experiences. I almost bought a house that was a morgue. I will tell you later. This is long. I am sorry I write such long messages. 🙂 I’ll try not to. Thanks for reading. -Angela

  21. Hello Rebecca. I had a feeling about Drake that he will be apart of something important. When the shat hits the fan You three will have each others backs.. I will send protection to you all. I’m sure once everything is done. (Hopefully soon!) You two will have the opportunity to start a family. I’m sure you and Xavier will good parents. Kids are great! I was terrified when I had my first child. I just couldn’t believe I was going to be a mother. lol I always said I would never get married. And I didn’t want to start a family until I was at least 29. I was joining the Navy to become a Nurse Practitioner. Didn’t work out the way I planned. I don’t regret having my son. Just didn’t expect it to happen so soon and in the way it did.

    Xavier I’ll read those tonight. I’ve been driving my daughter to Cedar Rapids for a root canal. Long drive. 🙂 I have to take her 2 more times. 2 hour drive. There are many times I probably really could have used you’re guys help in situations. Ghosts are people too. Some are daemonic. I just learned not to let anything get to me. They know if they frighten people. Normally they just want energy.

    Hey Drake. Whatever it is I am. I need to change my diet. (That’s for sure!) 🙂 Yes blood seems to really help me allot! I never would have guessed I would ever need to do this. In high school I was a gymnast. I competed allot and never ate rare meat. What kind of form of energy do you mean? Like an orb? A friend of mine who can easily see others ORahs . He told me mine is very strong with Blue. He told me blue is the hardest to manifest. He also told me I’m able to open portals. Which can be seriously dangerous.

    He told me I need to learn how to control it. “I have no idea how to control this.” Since it normally happens when I sleep. Also, lightning is attracted to me. Last week we had a lightning storm and it freaked me out. I was trying to cook dinner. I have a glass door that leads out to my deck. Lighting was coming out of the ground 5 ft from me. I had to run to the living room 3 times. lol Everyone looked at me. Why are you running out of the kitchen? I’m like you’ll think I’m nuts but the lighting is getting too close to me. I really would love to learn how to control it. Also if I do accomplish this. I was hoping I could make it possible for you to walk in the light Drake. What use is there to have such power if I can’t control it?

    I’m relieved you don’t mind my flirting! 😉 I’m sure you do get this everywhere you go. If you met me in person you would find out I’m not normally the type to flirt with just anyone! I just have a feeling about you. All I can say’.

    • Yes we should have some interesting one quarter mermaid half witch kids. Maybe our lives will turn into a wacky supernatural sitcom like Bewitched. Although Rebecca’s Mother, Marina, is no Endora. She’s a good mermaid witch, and she herself is married to a mortal human so she has no issues with me. No insulting me with name mispronunciations, and turning me into crazy animals or whatever.

      • Yes, and we shall name our daughter Tabitha, and our son Adam. Each week we’ll fall into nutty mishaps, and silly situations. Maybe you could become a serious dork of an Ad exec whose always getting on my ass about using my powers. Then my crazy relatives pop in through amazing teleportation powers, and get you all flustered. Sounds like great fun Xavier!

    • Any type of energy you can harness, and channel through your body to the environment around you. Usually through the hands. It could be energy orbs, lightening bolts, healing energy, plasma balls, aurora bursts, ectoplasmic ribbons, photonic shockwave, fire balls, electromagnetic waves, etc.

  22. Hi Ashley. From what I’ve seen of the Chupacabra.. there eyes are so dark. They surely are very wild looking. Their eyes remind me of a rats eyes. And the way there narrow face is. Also there front paws look like they could grab something. I seen this on youtube.com. Pretty fascinating.

    • We know not the origins of the ferocious little beasts but they indeed have elements of reptile, mammal, vampire, demons, and an unknown DNA that could very well be extraterrestrial in nature. I believe they are a supernatural genetic experiment of some type. Reports of the Chupacabra only seem to go back to the 1970’s so they were created sometime in the 20th century. Perhaps they are the product of a government or alien experiment that escaped a laboratory.

  23. 😉 LOL Hey well.. as long as you both are happy. Why not? lol But later down the road. I would never give advise to ever rush! You have time so just enjoy your free time together alone! Trust me. Once you have rug rats running around. Until they’re moved out you won’t get much privacy. My son is now almost 21. And he still loves to just walk in. I’ve tried teaching him to know. 😉 My daughter’s name is Samantha! lol hahaha’

    • Hopefully Samantha doesn’t marry an uptight dork named Darrin who always tries to ruin her fun. Then within years of being married she wakes up one morning, and he looks totally different, and beyond creepy while claiming he’s still Darrin. I’d suspect she married a shape shifter if that happened.

  24. Well right now Samantha is in love with a guy named Jake. And he’s Wiccan. They’ve split up! Both A students. I’ve had talks with them both. About taking there time. Since they have to finish high school. Just bumped into Jake and his brother while shopping. I can tell he loves her very much! I told him she’s doing good. She don’t have a bf. Just focusing on her school & she works 2 jobs. Never has a day off! He apparently wiped out and got knocked out. Had cuts and gashes all over his face. I’ve have many visions that these two end up together. I told her and him about it. So they know they have allot of time to get there lives in order. I seen they will have 6 kids. lol So yeah’ I’ll be a grandma. Just no time soon! They are taking a long break from each other. It’s best!