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Mystic Investigations Team Member Profile: Hunter Jackson

Code Name: Sergeant 
Corporate Title: CSO ( Chief Security Officer), Shareholder 2%
Profession Title: Corporate Security
Areas Of Expertise: Ex-Navy Seal and Mercenary for hire. Martial Arts, Weapons of war and military strategy.
Powers: When sufficiently enraged he has brief bursts adrenaline induced super human strength brought about by the sheer force of his human will.
Biography: Hunter Jackson dreamed of sailing the high seas and seeing the world so he joined the Navy the minute he graduated high school.  He eventually became a top flight Navy Seal and saw tons of military action around the world including Iraq, and Afghanistan in the early and mid 2000's.  Hunter inadvertently joined the hunt for the paranormal one fateful night when his Navy Seal team was sent into Afghanistan to capture or kill top terrorist operatives.  Upon entering some remote caves, as per their intel, the Seal team got more than they bargained for.  There were no terrorists but rather a nest full of rabid feral vampires.  The supernatural monsters promptly dispatched the surprised soldiers with extreme paranormal prejudice.  Hunter was the last man standing and he some how kept a cool head despite the disturbing discovery that vampires exist.  His bullets failed him so he dropped his rifle to the ground and instead pulled out his trusty US Navy MK3 MOD 0 diving/survival knife.  His large muscular frame and height of 6' 4" made the vampires seem puny compared to him but their supernatural strength was capable of flinging several tons of weight about as if it was a bag of feathers.

Hunter had no intel about vampires but he knew they were powerful enough to take out his entire team within seconds.   He somehow drew superhuman strength from within himself somewhere unknown because he knew the only way out of that cave alive was to defeat the six vampires that surrounded him.  They growled like lions as their glowing red eyes stared upon him with gluttonous rage.  They inched closer to him ready to pounce while blood dripped from their sharp fangs.  With his knife, his extensive martial arts, and Navy Seal training, along with his sheer will, Hunter engaged in mortal combat with some of the most powerfully hellish beasts on Earth.  One human vs six enraged vampires devoid of humanity, or even any sentient intelligence beyond their animal needs.  With a roar of rage Hunter charged them and plunged his knife into one vampire while kicking one away behind him.  He elbowed another as he pulled the knife out and then ripped the throat out of another while getting one in a headlock and snapping his neck.  The sixth one grabbed Hunter from behind but he reverse head butted him and then snapped his neck from behind as he kicked a vampire in front of him.  The battle raged on as Hunter realized that the ones with the snapped necks stayed down the longest because so far he wasn't killing any of them.  Unfortunately they would get back up again just as Hunter had temporarily disabled some more of the horrid monsters.

He remembered how vamps were killed in movies but it was dark out so there was no sun, and he had no holy water or crosses.  Then it hit him as he hit some more vampires with a burst of superhuman strength.  He had a small wooden Jesus statue his Grandmother gave him as a child.  He always carried it into battle for good luck. So he he gambled and dropped his knife.  He instead wielded a make shift wooden stake since the head of Jesus was kind of pointy.   Upon exposing it, the vampires stopped for a minute with minor looks of shock on their faces which they snapped out of quickly and lunged at Hunter.  He plunged the Jesus stake into one vampire's heart and it fell to the ground screaming in agony as Hunter repeated his actions on the others after several minutes more of fighting.

The vampires lie on the dirt floor of the cave gripping their chests in pain but they still weren't dying.  He then plunged the Jesus stake in one and left it in him.  Sure enough the vampire burst into flames and then was reduced to ashes within seconds as Hunter exclaimed, "Holy Crap!".  Amazingly the Jesus stake didn't burn due to the flames being unholy in nature.  Unholy flames cannot burn a holy relgious artifact.  Hunter repeated this but was stopped by the last two who recovered from the quick stakings.  At this point his strength was gone and he couldn't fight anymore so he ran for the cave entrance.  The vampirical duo growled as they chased him.  By sheer luck the sun had just risen and Hunter turned around when he heard  bloodcurdling screams.  The vampires burst into flames in the light of the holy sun and incinerated into ash that blew away in the warm Afghan wind.

Hunter never spoke of his experience because he knew he would be branded as being crazy.  Especially with no evidence left that the vampires ever existed.  He told the government that his Seal team had been surprised by an overwhelming force of terrorists.  He honorably discharged from the Navy because he realized there was a war far more dangerous than human terror being fought on this Earth.  The war on pure paranormal evil.  Hunter became a paranormal mercenary for hire but he also helped out people and took out various evil entities on his own free of charge.  We here at Mystic Investigations hired Hunter for various missions and eventually decided to hire him as a permanent employee.  Our invaluable head of security!

Age: 33
Vehicle: 2007 Army Green Hummer H2

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