Can A Vampire Survive Being Frozen Or Any Ultra Cold Temperature?

Frozen Cold VampireYes in fact Paranormal Archaeologists have found vampires frozen in Arctic, and Antarctic glaciers.  These vampires may have been caught in a particularly violent widespread storm, or fell into a rapidly freezing body of water.  When Cryptozoologists thawed out the subjects in the lab they sprung back to life.  Experiments on other vampires placed willing subjects in cryo-chambers.  They were immersed in−346 °F liquid nitrogen, and frozen for one week before being thawed out.  They awoke from their cool slumber, and were perfectly fine after an hour on average.  The same results occurred when vampires were immersed in liquid helium which is at −452°F.  It’s safe to assume they could survive being frozen at Absolute Zero which is −459.67°F.  Naturally they didn’t drown in the liquid nor was their flesh permanently destroyed.

Since conventional science can only super cool things via such liquids we sought to super cool a vacuum chamber.  Mystic Investigations very own Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie utilized our very own vampire Drake Alexander as a test subject.  Our resident witch Rebecca Abernathy got in contact with a level 9 Wizard named Herbert Johnson whose advanced Cryokinetic powers can slow down atoms to absolute zero.  Drake entered the chamber, and all the air was sucked out.  Since vampires don’t breath he had no health issues. The Wizard Herbert then slowed the atoms down in Drakes body.  A digital thermometer in Drake’s mouth recorded the temperature.  Like all vampires Drake started out at the temperature of the room which was 72°F.   Drake also was running on a treadmill to see how his physical prowess was effected by the cold.  There was no noticeable effect until his body temperature reached -254°F when he indicated he finally felt cold.  By -289°F, closing in on the freezing point of oxygen, he was no longer able to run, and felt pain.  He refused to stop the experiment, and wanted to go all the way to absolute zero.  At -313°F he collapsed, and lost consciousness.  At -369°F Drake’s skin turned a dull gray color.  Herbert stopped all atomic movement within Drake’s body, and his temperature was recorded as −459.67°F on the dot.  He was left at that temperature for one minute before Herbert sped up his atoms again.  Drake regained consciousness when the temperature was returned to -246°F.  His normal skin color returned, and he indicated he felt perfectly fine.

So if freeze rays are developed in the future they could indeed be a tool to incapacitate a vampire without killing it.

We’d like to thank daring Drake Alexander and the wondrous Wizard Herbert Johnson for their part in this experiment.

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15 thoughts on “Can A Vampire Survive Being Frozen Or Any Ultra Cold Temperature?

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  2. I found this very interesting. Drake was this intense for you? You did it for science. Very cool!!! -Vampires are very durable. They take a liken and keep on ticken. 😉 Are you like the energizer bunny? lol Just keep going & going. I hope I get to meet you some day in person.

  3. That’s a good thing. Maybe Vampires and Werewolves are here to defend the planet from the evil aliens who wish to take us over. I like to believe so. If the sh** ever hits the fan. We all have to come together including all the rednecks with there shot guns 😉 Shouldn’t joke about it. But if it happens I know I’ll be fighting.

    • I suspect if there was an alien invasion from someone other than the Reptilians, and the Greys then everyone, good, and evil, would band together to repel them. Those are the two alien species that are allied with the Illuminati.

  4. I wonder what’s going to happen in the end. Future! If they’ll actually make it here. If I have anything to do about it they won’t. Because I saw what will happen if they do. They’ll show absolutely no remorse for anyone! Very bad aliens. They split up our families. They don’t care. Like how the Jews were treated by Hitler. Scares me allot if they ever do succeed.

  5. mr.drake i want to become a vampire……………….. pls turn me ! bring me to this eternal life……… pls mr. drake alexander………………. TURN ME !

    • I’m sorry but the only people I’ve ever transformed have been those I know very well, and love. It’s not something I enter into lightly. Also living in the eternal dark shadows, and living off blood isn’t as glamorous as it seems. If it’s something you really want then you should frequent night clubs, and other nocturnal social venues where vampires tend to hang out as they seek their human prey.

  6. cmon MR. Drake if i get bitten by a stray or unknown evil vampire then whats the use of getin bitten up. I want to get bitten by a good vampire like you, who is just him but not not what he became. mr. drake u dont know how much i admire you….. pls…. mr. drake turn me.. or do u want to meet me, huh ? or should i get bitten by queen enheduanna,the one who brought you back to this earth in transylvannia.. if you dont want to turn me its ok.. but atleast queen enheduanna will right ? cuz she only drinks the blood of the people who wants to turn themselves right….. or please mr. drake u turn me.. whats the harm in fulfilling someones good desire huh ! :O

    • I agree with Rebecca. These are personal things that are apart of our private lives. It’s a rare thing to turn someone into a vampire. I wouldn’t even turn Rebecca or my other friends if they asked. It just doesn’t feel right to me. Turning a human into a living dead creature only happens under special situations. I’m sorry I can’t help you but like Rebecca said if it’s meant to be then fate will prevail, and your destiny will be realized someday.

    • Most vampires are discriminating about who they sire. So unfortunately Enheduanna wouldn’t turn a stranger into a vampire. Hopefully fate will intervene, and you will meet the vampire that is right for you.

  7. Lol Deshring. How long have you given this a serious thought? Becoming a Vampire is a huge decision. Since it’s forever! And as Drake stated, it’s not as glamorous. What if you run out of blood and are starving? What will you do? The man I choose to turn into a werewolve turned bad. So I know I’ll never do this again! I knew him for 3 years. Put yourself in Drake’s shoes. If you lose control Deshring, He’ll feel responsible for any wrong you might commit upon any innocent humans. Good luck on finding the right vampire to bite you! I do agree with you though. Drake is the best! I would also choose him if I were ever get bitten. 🙂

  8. eheheahahahahahahhahaha ! sorry dude………… i aint changing my decision ! i want to become vampire means i will……. i dont care what dt guy turned…. bt i only know is that i can control myself…… that too if drake bites me then il atleast be on the good side and besides werewolf ! is not ma style…. dr virus myt hav some defect.. 😀 So MR. DRAKE pls turn me u wont regret turning me…..ul b proud to bring such a strong vampire into your organisation and dat i can betya….pls.. MR.DRAKE….. TUURNN MEEE ! 🙂

  9. m not a stranger how can i be afterall m in your website…… mr. Drake i guess you wont turn anyone unless you meet me right ? ok, we will meet just pls tel me the place and il be there the next year because il be passing out my 12th class :). or else if u cant turn me then atleast show me supernatural power …. pls.. that’l be enough for me… please mr. drake………….. :’)

  10. This is probably going to sound dumb to everyone, but I’d like to go through a similar experiment. Not necessarily up to absolute zero, but up to as cold as I can handle. I kind of like to test my limits.

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