Why Don’t Time Travelers End Up In Outer Space?

It’s been pointed out by some people that various time travel movies are unrealistic on a variety of levels. Of course, the number one complaint are the temporal paradoxes that include the infamous Grandfather Paradox. However in reality paradoxes simply don’t exist because at every Planck Length (smallest increment of time) we’re all traveling five dimensionally to near identical Parallel Universes. Whether we know it or not we’re traveling through all dimensions simultaneously within our dynamic Universe always in motion. Another observation is the fact that time travelers should technically end up in outer space due to the movement of Earth through space.

Earth Moves About The Universe In A Number Of Ways

The Earth rotates on its axis, and around the sun as well. There’s also movement around the Milky Way Galaxy along with the general expansion of the Universe itself. Therefore those partaking of pure time travel without any specifically mentioned spatial transport option should theoretically end up in outer space. The exact spot in spacetime on Earth we’re in right now ends up being in outer space a short time later due to these various planetary movements. If it was just a matter of circling the Sun once a year then time travelers could ensure staying Earthbound by traveling back to any given year on the same date and time. So if they left for the past or future at Midnight on October 17th then they could only end up in another year at 12:00 AM on October 17th. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy since the space you exist in now will never be occupied by you or Earth ever again for all eternity!

Gravity Saves Time Travelers

Thankfully real-time travelers don’t have to worry about this unless they’re using a higher dimensional method of temporal transport. Simply put a time traveler on Earth is always within Earth’s gravitational field. Gravity is a powerful force in our Universe for those who exist on and near huge objects with mass. Even if temporal travel seems instant it’s still an incremental process in most cases. As the Earth moves gravity keeps you glued to the surface in the same spot whether you’re traveling into the future naturally one day at a time, or taking a leap back to the past.

The Danger Of Some Modes Of Time Travel

The only exception to this are those with advanced technology, or powers, that are cutting a portal in 4-D space-time that in turn goes into 5-D Hyperspace. They then return through another portal to their time of choice in the 4th dimension. Since they left Earth, and its gravity they would find themselves in the middle of outer space upon entering another time. Hopefully, someone with such advanced technology would account for this. Most likely they’d be inside a space capable vessel of some type, to begin with. Certainly, those with five-dimensional based psychokinetic powers, such as Hyperchronokinesis, may find their new found power short-lived if they end up traveling into a dangerous environment! We recommend they wear a spacesuit just to be safe!👨‍🚀

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