The Tremendous Amount Of Time Travelers On The Titanic!

A great deal of fictional works have always had at least some shred of truth in it. There are those who want the general public to know the true reality about the supernatural world. It seems like a number of time travel stories manage to find their characters on the Titanic. In the real world, quite a few time travelers brag about having been on the most famous sinking ship of all time! Although, the intergalactic liner Aquajal literally sinking into the water world Vandtubig in 3772 AD was a pretty close 2nd. Within Earth’s past history the second place goes to those claiming to have been at Ford’s Theater for the Lincoln Assassination on the evening of April 14th, 1865!

Titanic Back To The Future!

It’s insane how many time travelers were on that sad sinking behemoth in the early morning hours of April 15, 1912! Every person with a freaking time machine or chronokinetic powers just has to be a big shot! It’s almost a future right of passage to take a temporal hike down to the catastrophic Titanic disaster! Hell, even Mystic Investigations very own Michael Remington saved a stowaway named Elizabeth Weatherly who is now one of our paranormal investigators! Who knows how many of the over 1000 missing people actually ended up living a sweet life in a Utopian future. Some even being gifted with immortalityRead The Rest Of This Story On Our Time Travel Blog...

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