Does The Earth Have A Sister Planet?

Upside Down EarthYes the Earth does indeed have a sister planet and it’s not Venus as most think. A true “Sister Location” for anything is it’s antipode.  For instance the antipode of our location in Woodland Springs, Colorado is a hidden Mermaid civilization at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.  If we dug straight down into the Earth to the other side then that’s where we’d come out. So Earth’s sister location would be a straight line to the other side of the Universe.  The Universe being a four dimensional hypersphere where Earth is a 3-D surface point.  If one could cut through space, and tunnel a Wormhole straight through the other side of the Universe they would find their true opposite location. Within said wormhole there would exist five dimensional hyperspace which is devoid of space, and time as we know it. Therefore we could travel to the end instantly! Even if it was trillions of light years away!

When we take a straight line from Earth into hyperspace to the exact opposite side of the Universe there just so happens to be a planet residing there teeming with plant, animal, and sentient humanoid life.  However in a Universe ruled by balance it’s not surprising there would be a similar planet in that location. Our source of this data is top secret, and temporal in nature. It has also been verified by top psychics, seers, and mystics in the underground supernatural community. Since the current hyper-circumference of the ever expanding 4-D Universe is approximately 4.8 Googolplex Light Years(current observable Universe is 292.17 billion light years), it would be impossible even with faster than light travel to get there through normal space.  Only cutting through hyperspace would get you there instantly. Regrettably such technology won’t exist for at least another 1500 years or so.

Still there are those who can feel the mystical connection between the life forces of each planet. The spirits of Earth, Goddess Gaia, and that of the sister planet. Plausibly creating some manner of quantum entanglement resulting in a paranormal porthole linking the two worlds. Thus far there are only rumors of such an enchanted entryway that could be hidden anywhere on Earth. This may be deep below ground, or even floating about the skies invisibly. Perhaps a small percentage planes, boats, and people who have gone mysteriously missing throughout history have accidentally fallen into the fabled porthole! Probably nothing on the scale of the notorious Bermuda Triangle! Thus far it’s location is cloaked by the awesome energies of Mother Earth’s Chakra’s.

The Ape And Elephant People Of Our Sister Planet
The sister planets name has no known translation into any Earthly language.  Although future humanity calls it ElphantoidTerra X-AP.  Our two planets have an energized supernatural symbiotic cosmic relationship that causes similarities between the two. Both our civilizations are at relatively the same technological level.  However on Terra X-AP two sentient species evolved nearly at the same time.  A humanoid race evolving from an ape like creature, and one evolved from an Elephant like creature complete with small trunk.  For a time the Elephant people ruled over the apes due to their larger size (average of 3 feet taller, and 300 pounds heavier than the ape people).  However the ape intelligence overcame this, and they ended up enslaving the Elephant people.  After many wars they finally came to coexist in peace, and live together in the various nations.  Unfortunately these nations still have their differences just as we do here on Earth.  The world of the supernatural also exists there with nature deities, vampires, werewolf like creatures, zombies, witches, and other paranormal beings like we have here on Earth. As humanity progresses to astronomical heights it’s almost assured that the proud elephant people, and our ape brothers will walk upon our planet someday just as we will upon theirs! [#WorldElephantDay]

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  2. Could their language be translated into our language? Also do the elephant people look like we would, just a lot bigger, and taller? Is there a psi power that allows for hyperspace travel?

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