January 29, 2023

2 thoughts on “Who Were The First Humans To Travel Into Outer Space?

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  2. Oh my gosh. My bubble popped again! lol. Seriously though. What a scary universe we live in. Doesn’t really surprise me to much! I know of the lizards. And yes they are in with the government. The super wealthy who lead this world. I didn’t know about the travelers. And didn’t know about Atlantis going to space. Or Egyptians. Very interesting.

    1. Once humanity evolved from apes they had a long time to advance. Certainly intelligent minds wouldn’t stay primitive for so long. There were advanced pre-historic civilizations with amazing technologies. Some totally of human argon, and some with the help of aliens lost to the sands of time. Our current history seems rather stagnant for centuries due to the interference of superstitious, and freedom strangling religions, and tyrannical regimes. Only when true freedom flourishes does innovation. That’s why the United States became the most successful high tech nation on Earth within a few centuries.

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