Perplexing Paranormal Pounding May Equal Poltergeist!

Poltergeist-McSheenDanny McSheen, a Project Manager, was burning the oils of Midnight once again all alone at Pinnacle Energies Research Corp.  Despite it being the season of Halloween he couldn’t enjoy the holidays with his immense work load.  As with each night for the past week there were inexplicable pounding sounds coming from the second floor that seemed to grow continually louder.  Each time he’d run up the flight of steps, and find nothing out of the ordinary.  Then the second he’d settle back into his office the ominous thumping would resume striking terror in Danny’s heart.  Calls to the Night Watchman yielded nothing.  In fact not a sound was heard when Security Guard Samuel Erickson happened to be present on his patrols of the rather large sized facility, and grounds.  Danny even attempted to record the unsettling sound that was now causing things to rattle due to the immense vibrations created from the floor above despite it being a solid building of concrete, cement, and steel.  His personal video camera, cell phone, and even a separate digital audio recorder, failed to pick up anything but dead static.  Even the various security camera’s scattered about the building would turn to white static during the episodes. At least technician’s were looking into those glitches, and it made McSheen look a bit sane when it came to his claims of odd noises.  Read The Rest Of This Supernatural Story On Our Halloween Blog…

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