The Haunted Tale Of The Sinister Scarecrow

The Legendary Loomis Farms Falls Prey To The Great Depression

Somewhere in Pennsylvania Dutch Country a farm and its cornfield sit abandoned for many decades now. Nobody will buy the property and mostly only foolish teenagers venture on the property to challenge dares made to them! The deserted Loomis Farms was once a proud profitable farm of a non-Amish sort. The God-fearing Loomis Family survived and thrived since the time of the Revolutionary War. They were always at peace with their Amish neighbors and often traded with them. However sometime during The Great Depression, things went south for the Loomis’s. Meanwhile, their mostly self-sustaining Amish neighbors fared far better. The Loomis Family went broke and were facing the loss of their farm. For a time the Amish shared what they could but eventually, they had to make sure their own community was fed. The pride filled Loomis’s were already embarrassed by taking hand-outs but at least they were alive. Now cut off they were angered at the prospect of becoming homeless hobo’s. Read The Rest Of This Supernatural Story…

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