What Am I If Lights And Electrical Equipment Go Nuts Around Me?

Electro PowerThere is a chance you’re being personally haunted by some entity. Perhaps even continued possession attempts by a demonic force. However if nothing else is occuring but the electric trouble then it’s probably not likely. It sounds as if you have Electrokinetic powers that can be harnessed into an active power with enough practice. This psychokinetic power is the ability to manipulate electricity, and even harness it through your body. You may even be able to shoot electrical energy from your hands and purposely affect anything powered by electricity.  Once you’ve mastered your powers you will be able to take on the forces of evil and aid in the eradication of said forces from this planet once and for all! The Electrokinesis lesson video below may aid you in your totally excellent electrical journey!

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4 thoughts on “What Am I If Lights And Electrical Equipment Go Nuts Around Me?

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  2. . . . . maybe you upset an energy equalibrium somewhere . . . .perhaps you or someone else did something which did not compute with the consistency of energy created and utilised by you or someone you know . . . I’m figuring it would have to be a particularly significant shift in consistency, degree of or nature (leaning more so with nature maybe .. ) of energy . . . . . . . interesting . . .

  3. This happens to me allot! I walk into a store. All the lights go out and flicker. I thought I was just haunted. But it happens as I drive as well. Lights go off. If I can harness energy. I wish someone would teach me how. I am a Reiki Master. I send energy to heal people who need healing. Maybe why this happens? Also, Lightning strikes near me as I am driving. And it’s even gone over my car hitting the cars in front of me. So yeah.. Scared me allot! When it starts raining and lightning I try not to drive. Seems the static from the rain.. comes towards me. Not sure how or why! Lately nothing surprises me anymore! Yeah’ my bubble has been popped at a very early age.

  4. I forgot to add. My father had a gift. He could move objects with his mind. Telekinesis. I also have some of his abilities. He was a true master of his arts. He was a Pagan. One with nature! A very good father. He taught me to never fear what I don’t understand. He would take me out into the woods allot. At 4am. As the sun would rise up! I could see all the spider webs full of mornings dew. Was beautiful. He taught me well. I would hold snakes, spiders all the creepy crawly things. They are special. But when he’d move things with his mind. I thought he was pulling my leg at first. I also have some other abilities. Now my father has passed on. I wish he were still here. Since I am experiencing allot of the things he was trying to show me. He also was a werewolve. I believe he was a lone wolf. Walked along side nature as one! With great respect!

  5. Also, something recently just happened to me. I took my son out for lunch at Pizza Hut. – The waitress came over to take our order. I unraveled my napkin as I normally do. Well… the silverware was sticking to my body.. and my son’s slid across the table and stuck to me. The waitress and my son took immediate notice! I was baffled as well. What the heck? lol She tried to pretend that everything was fine and no silverware were sticking to me. I pulled it off as I was trying to find the words to order. My son’s mouth was open in shock! Once she left.. he said MOM what the hell is going on? I said I don’t know! He said how did you do that? I’m like umm I don’t know!! I then told him about my father.. how he had the gift of moving objects. Has anyone else gone through this before? If so. I would like to know. I am baffled. It is getting more out of control and people are noticing. It’s freaking people out! Including me. Will this get worse? 🙁

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