What Is The Difference Between A Curse, Jinx, And Hex?

In various cultures, a Hex and Jinx might refer to a Curse. In a general sense, they all sent forth bad luck to one or more people with a Jinx being the least damaging and Curse being the worst. Certainly, a Curse is required to reach the most people over the longest period of time. In the world of magic, a Curse is mostly verbal or written words that are considered the opposite of a holy blessing. Merely concentrating on the person one hates is enough to get the vengeful ball rolling. Of course they must have the mojo to do so!

A Hex is a spell linked to a physical object that doesn’t need to come in contact with the victim. This includes the infamous Hex bag or a cauldron brewing a powerful potion not meant for consumption. So the infamous Voodoo Doll Curse would more correctly be known as a Hex. However, the more prolific cases are considered curses due to their sheer power. Not to mention that one can end a Hex by destroying the blasphemous bag while burning your Voodoo doll to ashes can kill you! A Jinx is a spell that involves direct contact with the victim via various potions or small unlucky charms scattered about their environment. Mainly in the form of powders or salts on the floor that an unlucky person walks through. Jinxes are considered a form of Foot-Track Magic. In some cases, a person’s food or beverage is laced with a potion that perpetuates a Jinx.

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