July 25, 2024
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Azeiquil Gavreel
Azeiquil Gavreel
11 years ago

How do the practitioners of magic you guys encounter able to shot magic from there hands,rise the dead,etc.
If their magic is low level?
do they get it from books?
do they get it from demons and/or higher beings?

Rebecca Abernathy
11 years ago

Just about every person who has such amazing powers are either born with the specific power, or are hereditary practitioner of magic. I was born the power to produce the Mystic Sphere. To temporarily acquire other powers I call upon Goddesses, and sometimes Gods as well. Those into black magic call upon demons. After utilizing a power many times it can build up allowing you to not have to call upon anyone to access it. For instance I can shoot lightening from my hands with a simple phrase rather than going through a whole spell. If I keep using it constantly it could become apart of my DNA, and I could pass it on as an active power to future generations.

Even as a hereditary witch it takes some time to acquire Goddess support, and manifest various powers. My mother taught me the craft, and I later attended magic school where I indeed studied many mystical texts at the request of my professors. Those not born with magical genes usually never get to this level of magic. Although it’s not unheard of for a normal human to become a full fledged witch, or wizard.

11 years ago

I really don’t know

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