Are Vampires 100% Clean?

Vampiress BloodIn other words could you catch any disease from a Vampire if you have intimate contact with them? Unlike humans, who could transmit a number of bacteria, and virus, vampires are sterile for all intents, and purposes. All their biological fluids could be theoretically be used in medical applications. If you needed to sterilize a surface you could spray some vampire blood, saliva, etc upon it in lieu of isopropyl alcohol or bleach. Biological contaminants coming in contact with them are almost instantly neutralized by the supernatural vampire virus that dwells upon their skin, and within them. This includes visible surface dirt that is eventually disintegrated by voracious virus allowing for no need to shower. This especially is true since they produce no sweat or body odors. However said virus doesn’t do a thing to humans unless they are apart of the ritual to transform them into a creature of the dark eternal shadows.

So if you have hand washing OCD, are disgusted by certain biological elements, or are highly susceptible to illnesses due to a weak immune system, then vampires are plausibly for you! You can indulge in any activity with them free of any diseased worries. Also there is no worry of unwanted pregnancies! Now of course you must be careful when dealing with vampires because many can be dangerous blood thirsty killers. However if you manage to find a friendly one who still cares for humankind then good clean fun can be had! This is true for a variety of supernatural beings. Especially those whose origins lie in higher dimensional beings. Even those who are human hybrids for the most part.


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